Big Brother UK S12E13 (Channel 5)

It’s nomination day!

Rebeckah has got a strange definition of bullying. She’s the bully, to be honest, much more than Heaven. Heaven is in the diary room.

Faye is talking to Maisy and Louise about Jay. He told her that he liked her and Louise. Heaven tells Rebeckah that today they need to have a talk. They have a little fake talk. Rebeckah is lying about the biscuit and chocolate incident. She’s the one who told Jay about it.

The stones have told me that Rebeckah is a bad person.
Rebeckah paraphrasing what Heaven told Anton

Jay is right there, being a chocolate. He doesn’t tell Heaven that Rebeckah told on her. Heaven leaves to get Tom to confirm what she told Aden. While she was out of the room, Jay tells Rebeckah that she is the one who told him, and implies that she should man up. She doesn’t, and tries to spin the whole thing with a different point of view. Heaven walks back in and is astounded. She says that there will be snakes, no matter what.

Jay and Aden are talking about the Heaven/Rebeckah situation. Rebeckah and Heaven are still talking. Rebeckah blames bad men. Heaven blames the giant people of Niburu. Rebeckah says that she does really love Aden. Heaven says that she doesn’t feel like cooking today. She won’t cook anymore. It looks like they made up. Is it real or fake? I don’t know. The nominations will tell.

Aaron, Harry, Mark, and Faye are talking about last night’s argument.

Faye, Mark, and Aaron are talking about the noms. They aren’t talking about who they will nominate, so it’s not against the rules.


Aaron      Rebeckah Heaven   “She’s not really on.”
Aden        Tom          Heaven    “She was the instigator.”
Alex         Maisy        Heaven    “You’ve got bad energy.”
Anton      Rebeckah Heaven    “Living with Heaven feels like hell.”
Faye         Rebeckah Heaven   “It was awkward.”
Harry       Rebeckah Aden       “I don’t like her.”
Tom          Rebeckah Maisy     “She’s a bit shady.”
Louise      Rebeckah Maisy      “She watches me.”
Heaven    Faye           Jay           “She’s not into me.”
Mark        Rebeckah  Maisy      “She just wants to kill me.”
Jay            Rebeckah  Heaven   “There’s a few porky pies flying.”
Maisy        Mark         Alex         “She stares at me.”
Rebeckah Jay             Heaven  “He caused trouble.”

I think sea lions look lovely but I don’t want to live with them.
Mark comparing Maisy to sea lions

Heaven and Rebeckah are nominated. Aaron, Anton, and Louise received no noms.

Anton and Harry are in the bathroom talking about the girls. Faye and tom are trying to make Aaron talk dirty.

It’s like having sex with a brick wall.

Faye and Aaron are getting to know each other better.

BB gathers the HM to reveal the noms. It comes as no surprise that Heaven and Rebeckah are nominated. The bitch is as good as gone. Rebeckah doesn’t stand a chance.

Heaven tells everyone that she is fine. It’s just a game. Rebeckah doesn’t look fine.

The HM go down a slippery slope and start talking about nominations.

Tom tells Faye and Alex that he wants Rebeckah to go. I don’ know if they break the rules, but they are flirting close. Rebeckah and Aaron are talking about the nominations. She asks him if he was shocked when he was nominated. He says that the argument made her an easy target.

Aden is in the diary room talking about Rebeckah. Heaven is talking to Harry and Anton about the noms. Harry says that Rebeckah probably nominated her. Heaven is shocked. Heaven says that she didn’t nominate Rebeckah. Harry says that he’d vote for her twice. Harry also says that it’s a bit idiotic.

Rebeckach is in the diary room. She thinks that Jay, Tom, Mark, Louise, Heaven, Harry, Faye and everybody nominated her.

HM will be punished tomorrow.

* * * * *

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