My Daily Tweets 09.22.11

  • @DreTW I like it cooler. 20-25 is fine. 54 seconds ago
  • Wow. I just saw a comment likening Netflix DVD price increases with discrimination against the disabled. #WTFBBQ #almostAtHitler 8 minutes ago
  • Mid Skype call: “Oh no Buzzfeed just showed me Michael Stipe’s penis” 1 minute ago
  • When Your Bedroom Has to Double Up As Your Office 9 minutes ago
  • QR Code Island Should Be Renamed SCAN-danvia 11 minutes ago
  • Owl 360 Rear View Bike Camera: Safety Improvement, or an Accident Waiting to Happen? 12 minutes ago
  • Big Brother UK S12E14 (Channel 5) 8 hours ago
  • Damon Loble » Hedonism Afternoons » Kunst » AMY&PINK… via @amyandpink 10 hours ago
  • why does my brain not have a priority inbox 11 hours ago
  • Garden of Earthly Delights avec Anna Tatton par Satypratha pour New Wave Women | Voyons Voir – J’aime le frivole… 11 hours ago
  • Helga & Lia par Bec Lorrimer pour Fashion Gone Rogue | Voyons Voir – J’aime le frivole… via @voyonsvoir 11 hours ago
  • Dunedin, New Zealand 11 hours ago
  • Down to 192 11 hours ago
  • Down to 247 11 hours ago
  • Don’t really have much time for video games anymore. 11 hours ago
  • There’s a lot of drawing involved in my Grade 2 class. It’s part of the curriculum and it’s pretty cool. Only time the kids are quiet. 11 hours ago
  • A teacher called in sick today. He showed up at 4:30PM. He really wasn’t sick but I got extra hours so I’m happy. 11 hours ago
  • Not my business to interfere. My coworker has to deal w her every day. 11 hours ago
  • The K1 teacher is a bit rough w the kids. She actually shook Trista like a washing machine. She’ll probably end up getting fired. 11 hours ago
  • Gonna end up walking Spike past midnight. 11 hours ago
  • Down to 597 11 hours ago
  • Dislike the new K1 teacher. The normal teacher also dislikes her. The previous hiree went on walkabout w/o notification, so sacrifices11 hours ago
  • Stupid that Bond23 was ever delayed. WTF. 11 hours ago
  • Don’t recommend any LaCie drives. I had one break on me a few years back. I do recommend Western Digital. Stella customer service & great HD 11 hours ago
  • This whole Kindle thing is cool, but all of my ebooks don’t need to be borrowed. I get most of the easily enough and cheaply. 11 hours ago
  • @20C sure, it’s 25C here right now. AC off for the 1st time in months. 11 hours ago
  • Caught up on tweets, catching up on unread posts. Started w 1000+ down to 957 11 hours ago
  • Twitter Acquires Julpan, The Startup By The Guy Who Helped Perfect Google Search… 22 Sep
  • Also saw new House episode. Interesting, but strange. Sad that Lisa Cuddy won’t be there anymore. 11 hours ago
  • New Facebook doesn’t really concern me as I rarely check in anymore. 11 hours ago
  • I know you hate #NewFacebook — so sorry. Myspace would love to have you if you hate the site that much. 22 Sep
  • We saw 4 different foreigners come by the Subway while we were there. None of them said hello. Dicks. 11 hours ago
  • While we were at Subway, someone mentioned veggie subs. I was a bit of a loss. 11 hours ago
  • Hmm $500NT ($18 USD) difference between the US model and the ones available in Taiwan, white WiFi 64GB. 11 hours ago
  • Uh, a TouchPad, Will check if there are still some available. Wouldn’t mind that. 11 hours ago
  • One Big Ass Mistake America. 22 Sep
  • Grade 2 class was calmer today. Funny bc I had less sleep last night and was doing a lot of marking. 11 hours ago
  • @DreTW I’m actually loving it. No more 3-4 showers a day! 11 hours ago
  • ☆:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:☆ 18 hours ago
  • Also watched #NewGirl last night. There are also some faults w the show, but it’s pretty funny and I like Zooey Deschanel. 11 hours ago
  • Unlike #TheProtector and #BodyofWork, I’ll watch more of #Unforgettable. The other series are too bad. 11 hours ago
  • As soon as she said ‘faces’, I knew. The show has its faults, but wasn’t bad. 11 hours ago
  • I liked #Unforgettable last night on CBS. Not bad. Poppy Montgomery’s Australian accent was easy to spot though. 11 hours ago
  • At my current school, I teach grade 2 and a calm grade 4 class. 11 hours ago
  • I’m not surprised. I taught Grade 4, 5, and 6 at my other school and disliked it a lot in the cram school setting. 11 hours ago
  • Talked a lot about our school, classes, & bosses. One teacher will not be coming back next year. It’s because of his Grade 5 class. 11 hours ago
  • Annoying breaks at work allowed me to catch up on some marking an socialize w foreign teachers. We went for lunch too. 12 hours ago
  • MBP17 too heavy to do that every day. 12 hours ago
  • If that doesn’t work, then I might just have to bite the bullet. It’s for class texts, reading books. 12 hours ago
  • A taste of what we’ve been up to: new trailer for ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ 13 hours ago
  • “Stone Arabia,” Dana Spiotta’s third novel asks: Do the famous make themselves for us, for their fans, or do we make them? 12 hours ago
  • “A self-righteous prig who goes regularly to church may be far nearer to hell than a prostitute.” – C. S. Lewis #atbbcchapel 13 hours ago
  • Looking to find a second hand tablet bc I don’t want to get an iPad 2. I really need it for class. Spotted an older one and awaiting reply. 12 hours ago
  • My Daily Tweets 09.21.11 12 hours ago

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