My Daily Tweets 09.23.11

  • Laptop Sleeves for the Fashionable Sophisticate 1 minute ago
  • AOC USB-Powered Monitor: Cheap Extra Screen Resolution for Laptops 2 minutes ago
  • Fitness@Work Office Chair Concept Lets You Get a Workout While You’re Working 5 minutes ago
  • Big Brother UK S12E15 (Channel 5) 13 hours ago
  • Jersey Shore Where’s My Boyfriend S04E08 (MTV) 13 hours ago
  • Survivor South Pacific He Has Demons S23E02 (CBS) 14 hours ago
  • My sort of weekend just started as I will be going to a day-long mathematics workshop tomorrow. 17 hours ago
  • Was too hurried and messed up my coffee. Had to filter it twice in the vacuum coffee maker to get the coffee grinds out. It was worth it. 18 hours ago
  • Hmm, once again running out of space on my desktop. 19 hours ago
  • Quite painless once you know how to do it but finding out was painful. 19 hours ago
  • In the system, didn’t happen, but I got an email from her saying it was good. I just finished registering for all my classes. 19 hours ago
  • She wanted us to deregister to allow the staff to change the class time. I did on Tuesday and I’ve been waiting to see the time change 19 hours ago
  • Was going to send an email to my #HomologicalAlgebra prof about the registration. 19 hours ago
  • Managed to explain the concept of lists to my grade 2 class. They didn’t get it the first time around. They get it now. 19 hours ago
  • Started #Reamde today. 19 hours ago
  • Ok, registration for classes is completely done for now. 3 graduate classes for 9 credits this semester so I can graduate by june 2012. 19 hours ago
  • Another crazy day at work. I was less grumpy than on Wednesday, but still swamped bc we were marking and correcting all of our books. 19 hours ago
  • @DreTW 🙂 I like it cold, Quebec-style cold. 19 hours ago
  • I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Getting up at 7AM to go to a Differential Geometry workshop in Hsinchu.23 Sep
  • If George Orwell were alive to listen to Mark Zuckerberg’s speech on “timeline” he’d stab himself in the dick with a rusty skeleton key. 23 Sep
  • Riding a bicycle inevitably turns into great contempt for one’s legs. 23 Sep
  • Two American YA authors, Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith, were asked to “straighten” gay characters. 23 Sep
  • Someday historians will explain how in ’11 the middle class accepted decreased gov’t services to protect wealthy from pre-2001 tax rates. 23 Sep
  • My Daily Tweets 09.22.11 23 Sep

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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