Person of Interest S01E01 (CBS)

Person of Interest Intertitle, via Wikipedia

This is the new series by Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams. The premise is somewhat interesting. I’d like to know more about this “machine”. I think that part is science-fiction, or at least close to going over the border of. Even so, the show isn’t bad. Ben from the Others from Lost (Michael Emerson) is playing the billionaire with a purpose and Jim Caviezel is the ex-CIA operative helping him out. The machine spouts out SSN of people who will be involved in “irrelevant” crimes, the ones that the machine was taught to ignore and erase. Finch built himself a backdoor and gets access to these lists. He says that this was before he realized that there was something more to these lists, the irrelevant crimes are really irrelevant at all.

Warning: spoilers ahead

A homeless gets accosted by some hoods in the subway. He surprisingly defends himself and puts the four guys down. He is brought to the police, who lift his prints. Before they can do anything, a mysterious benefactor springs him thanks to his lawyer.

Mr. Finch is a rich guy with a list of people who will be involved in bad things. He wants the bum, who used to do dirty work for the government, to help out. The bum liked to be called Mr. Reese before he got disillusioned with his task. Mr. Finch shows him Diane Hansen, a woman who’s involved in a bad even that’s about to happen. He wants Reese to follow her and find out what’s going to happen. Reese declines.

The homeless man goes home and shaves off his graying beard. He gets a call the next day. His hand is taped to his bed. It’s Finch. He wants him to learn what it feels like to hear someone getting murdered and not being able to do anything about it.

Finch is waiting for him. He has brought Reese to one of his places. Finch brings him to some library one of his banks owns. The library is in limbo and basically no longer exists, because the bank folded. Finch hands him some cover IDs and credit cards. Reese was part of the CIA.

There are a bunch of photos on the wall, tied to some Social Security Numbers. It looks like Finch gets the numbers and he tries to tie them to a crime.

Diane Hansen is an ADA. Reese breaks into her place, copies all of her files, infiltrates her life in order to find out as much as possible about her. Reese cuts down the list of suspects to 2. First up is her co-counsel, James Wheeler. They used to date, but she’s no longer interested. The other is Laurence Pope, who’s on trial about a drug deal gone bad. His gang might be after her.

Something has gone wrong with her case. Hansen arranges a meeting with Pope. Pope is taking the fall for some evil people. Pope’s brother is involved. He knows who these people are.

Wheeler is working for the killers. Rees tries to get Pope, but his attempt fails. Rees goes to see his friend from the subway and takes some guys.

Someone else has found Pope. Rees gets Pope, and finds out that the bad men are cops. It’s Stills in Narcotics. They are corrupt. They get the wind on some deals, bust them for their own profit, and frame people like Pope.

Finch tells Rees that he worked about a system he built to find terrorists in phone calls and emails from all over the world. The machine was built to prevent the next 9/11 but it was detecting all sorts of crimes. He had to teach the machine to make all sorts of lists. A relevant list and an irrelevant list. The machine is now everywhere. Finch built himself a backdoor to access the irrelevant list.

Pope is killed in jail. Hansen is next. It turns out that Hansen is working for Stills. She says that Wheeler is the problem, not Pope. Reese gets caught. Hansen is the one in charge. She’s the one who took care of Pope.

Reese wakes up in an unmarked police car. He tells the cop that he will let him live because he needs someone on the inside. Rees uses a smoke grenade to make the car flip over, then takes his gun and shoots the cop a few times after making sure he’s wearing a vest.

Reese phones Finch and tells him about Hansen.

The dirty cops are about to take Wheeler and his kid out. Reese arrives and tries to stop it. Wheeler gets away. They get Hansen dead to rights in the courtroom.

Reese shot Stills with Lionel’s gun. He stashes the body in Lionel’s trunk and tells him to dispose of the body. No one knows that Lionel was involved with Stills.

A cop named Carter, who picked Reese up as a bum, is on his trail.

At the end of the show, we see a panning shot of the machine. It’s huge and there are thousands of drives.





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