Survivor South Pacific He Has Demons S23E02 (CBS)

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Well another season of Survivor has started and they decided to keep the Redemption Island format. I think it’s interesting because it adds another layer to the game, but overall the concept is flawed. This was demonstrated by Matt last season. He made it back into the game and got immediately voted out again. Brandon is a Hantz and it looks like his true colors are starting to shine through. Instead of sticking with his alliance, he gets all uppity because he can’t handle Mikayla’s hotness. That just demonstrates how weak he is. He basically alienates himself from the whole tribe and will probably end up getting evicted. Nice move by Coach to ensure that Mikayla stayed in the game. She didn’t deserve to go out like that, just because her body makes Brandon uncomfortable.

Ozzy found an idol and it looks like he’ll need it sooner than he thought previously, because they might end up losing a challenge in the water because of him. I don’t know, the editing can be misleading, and if there’s one thing that’s sure, it’s that Ozzy can swim like a dolphin.

* * * * *

Semhar is having a little cry on Redemption Island. She reads the directions, and cries some more. She plans on turning her pain into poetry. It’s bad. Or I can’t tell. Actually I don’t really care.

I need to stop being this antsy, paranoid nerd kid.

Ozzy and Keith talk about the next challenge. They want to keep Jim around.

At Upolu, Coach and Edna bond some more. They talk about the immunity idol. She says that Stacey and Christine are no longer digging, so the immunity idol might have been found. Coach isn’t convinced. Christine was digging for hours.

At Savaii, Cochran is opening a coconut. Ozzy goes fishing. He’s keeping his eyes open for the idol. He goes climbing some trees. He actually comes across the idol, but doesn’t see it. He comes back and finds it. He smartly stashes it high up in the trees and plans on keeping it secret.

Brandon ends up telling Coach that he is Russell’s nephew.

At Savaii, Jim, Ozzy, and Keith go out fishing on the boat. Jim has got a 3+2 plan. He wants the three guys to stick together with Alyse and Whitney. He doesn’t suspect that Keith and Ozzy were already in an alliance. It lets him believe that he is in control. The next three evictees are Cochran, Dawn, and Papa Bear.

Mikayla, Coach and Brandon go fishing. Brandon keeps staring at Mikayla. He says that he doesn’t feel comfortable around Mikayla and dislikes her. He wants her gone. He’s pretty insecure.

Christine is still searching for the idol. She goes off by herself. She finds a clue. The clue implies that the idol is near the beach and in the trees.

It’s time for the next challenge. 4 members of each tribe will race to unwind some ribbons. This will release keys. It will unlock the other tribe members, who must push some heavy crates around. First tribe to push their final crate over wins. Edna sits out the challenge.

Upolu is off to a fast star thanks to Mikayla. The Upolu guys are unlocked and start working on their puzzle. Dawn is very slow for Savaii.

Dawn needs to pick up the pace, this is not a picnic.
Jeff Probst

Upolu has got a considerable lead. Savaii catches up quirky. Upolu loses their lead. Savaii is in the lead. They will win. Savaii wins. They also win pillows, blankets, mats, and a hammock. They will get a clue to the immunity idol back at camp.

Christine blames the guys for losing the challenge. Coach wants to split the vote three ways. He wants 3 for Christine and 3 for Stacey. Brandon tells Coach that he feels uncomfortable around Mikayla. Coach thinks that Brandon has demons.

Brandon starts talking to Sophie and Rick. There is a lot of scrambling going on and Christine and Stacey aren’t included. Brandon tells Christine and Stacey that he is voting for Mikayla.

Christine doesn’t know what to think. Brandon actually confused her so she starts looking for the idol. Brandon lies to Coach and tells him that Christine and Stacey will vote for Mikayla.

It’s time for tribal. Coach decides to diffuse the move by Brandon and tells Jeff that before he came to tribal, he had heard that Stacey and Christine were going to vote for Mikayla. Christine and Stacey say that they didn’t plan on voting for Mikayla. They try to make Coach say who told him that, but he doesn’t. Albert says that this just demonstrates Coach’s loyalty. Stacey doesn’t get it but this was obvious.

He feels hurt that he’s temporary.

Brandon comes clean and says that he is the one behind that whole Mikayla thing. Christine and Stacey say that they aren’t voting for Mikayla.

Votes to Evict

Albert Christine
Brandon Christine
Christine Edna
Edna Stacey
Stacey Sophie
Coach Christine
Mikayla Christine
Sophie Stacey
Rick Stacey

The vote is 1-1-4-3 (Sophie/Edna/Christine/Stacey). Christine is voted out. That was somewhat predictable. It was good for Coach to sabotage Brandon’s paltry moves to try and get Mikayla out. It made no sense for the tribe, just because Brandon can’t control himself.

* * * * *

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53 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific He Has Demons S23E02 (CBS)”

  1. It’s only Episode 2 and the crazy is oozing out of Brandon already. I would love to be in the room where Russell is watching this stuff. He’s going to lose the rest of whatever hair is left on his head. I don’t quite understand what he thinks he will do around Mikyala if she stays longer. It’s not like she even notices he’s alive. Is he afraid he’s going to have a weak moment and jump her? Is he afraid he’ll take to take matters into his own hand (if you know what I mean) and that violates his rigid religiousity? (ha ha, don’t you love that word?) I really don’t have much to say about anyone else because I’m fascinated by the train wreck that is Brandon. And, seeing the previews, it looks like he’s going to go deeper into those dark demons of his. Just can’t figure out what they really are. It’s hard to watch.

    At least Coach is being decent so far. I like the way he handled Brandon and the way he brought the vote issue out in the open during Tribal. But I can’t wait to see what the heck is going to happen to Brandon next week.

    This season is getting good, and it’s still early. Finally!

  2. I should clarify something, in my earlier comment, I meant to say I don’t understand what Brandon thinks he will do around Mikayla (her name is a hard one for me to remember how to spell). My earlier sentence makes it sound like I’m still talking about Russell. sigh… Guess I’m tired.

    1. Yep, it didn’t take Brandon long to show that he’s a Hantz or that he’s troubled. I guess hillbillies like that aren’t used to having semi-clothed pretty women around them.

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