Big Brother UK S12E18 (Channel 5)

It’s eviction day in the BBUK house and Rebeckah will leave.

My little sister is older than you.
Rebeckah to Aden

Dim Alex wants a boiled egg and ask Harry to do it for her because she doesn’t know how to boil an egg.

Aaron showers naked outside. Faye goes outside to check him out.

I don’t like the curly ones. These ones are the nasty ones. These ones are the ones give you the curls in your hair.
Dim Alex about toast

Wow, Dim Alex is really stupid. Harry has trouble with her ignorance. Louise, Dim Alex, and Harry are having eggs on toast.

Heaven and Louise are talking about why people take part of BB. Maisy and Aden are talking about life after BB. BB has called Mark to the diary room. He still hasn’t got his clothes back. BB asks him why Daddy-Longlegs aren’t called Mommy-Longlegs. He gets his clothes back.

I don’t want to piss in people’s boxer shorts.

Geordies Dim Alex and Jay are talking about accents with Aden. Faye has asked Aaron to give her a massage. She’s finding it funny when he asks her to undo her bra. Louise is in the same bed. It’s quite sexy. He’s straddling her and pushing down her shorts.

Dim Alex is regaling Aaron and Mark with some tales of her volunteer work in Uganda. Aaron says that ants took her chocolate. Dim Alex thinks that it was someone at camp.

Maisy and Faye are talking about boys. They are both sexually frustrated. Jay is in the diary room talking about the girls. For a shag, he liked Maisy. If it was long term, it would be Louise. Faye is his mate.

Anton, Rebeckah and Aden are talking about Heaven. Harry told Heaven that she was a bitch. Heaven is in the kitchen trying to explain her food choices. Anton is confused because Heaven doesn’t eat dairy but she’s eating an egg.

The thing is though I really want her to leave.
Anton about Heaven

Heaven tells Dim Alex that she wants her own TV show.

I would like to become president or a PM. I want to start of small. I want to be an ambassador.

This woman is eating up her own BS. WTF. You have to spend years in the foreign service before you are named ambassador since there are only a limited number of countries. It’s a very prestigious political post, which Heaven isn’t qualified for, mainly because she’s bonkers. She’ll just try and be some New Age guru.

Mark, Anton, and Harry are talking about poo. Aaron is offering Aden some advice about tonight’s eviction. He should keep his cool when people try to talk about her when she’s gone.

It’s eviction time. Rebeckah is cry in in the bathroom. Aden is crying in the diary room. The HM get to see Rebeckah’s goodbye message. Heaven starts spouting some shit and Aden is getting annoyed. Harry tries to make Heaven shut up.

Anton says that Rebeckah was the devil. She was being really fake. The other HM agree. Aden is in the garden. Harry says that he feels sorry for Aden, because when he leaves, there will be nothing waiting for him outside from Rebeckah.

Later, Jay and Maisy are taking a bath together. Aden already spent some time together crying.

Anton and Aden are clearing the air in the bedroom. Anton is in the diary room calling Rebeckah a dickhead. With Rebeckah gone, the girls are talking about her. Louise feels sorry for Aden. Maisy wonders if Rebeckah was faking all along. Heaven defends her but says that she probably played on it.

Mark and Jay are consoling Aden. He starts to cry again. Jay is being really nice, as is Mark. Wow, major sobbing right there.

When I was 19, I used to stick bottles up my bum and run around High Street.

* * * * *

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