My Daily Tweets 09.26.11

  • A 2-in-1 IKEA Hacked Standing Desk 2 hours ago
  • LANDBEARSHARK Motorized Skateboard with Treads: Another Way to Die? 11 hours ago
  • QLOCKTWO Touch Verbal Alarm Clock: Wake Up With the Words 11 hours ago
  • James Tiberius Kirk with his infamous KHAAAAAAN! scream in Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan… 12 hours ago
  • Time to check on the potatoes. I’m having a steak as well. 13 hours ago
  • I have to catch up on Homological Algebra. I missed an hour last week bc of my class. Prof rescheduled class @ 1PM. Nice. 13 hours ago
  • It’s a bit annoying that my advisor split his 3h class into two, but no choice really. 13 hours ago
  • I drive to NTNU Gongguan 4 days a week now, instead of 3. 13 hours ago
  • Wish it was cooler this week. Rain and thunderstorms all week. Rained a bit today. And a lot of wind. 13 hours ago
  • Surprised how fast it takes to brew a macchiato with my vacuum coffee maker. A minute or so. When I brew 600ml, it takes 10min.13 hours ago
  • They’ve been there for me. That breeds loyalty. 13 hours ago
  • When you scrub under the surface of a school, you’ll always find tensions but I really like my bosses and the family-run school. 13 hours ago
  • It was more relaxed today. My co-teacher was absent, but my grade 4 co-teacher was there. She’s more relaxed. 13 hours ago
  • Took my grade 2 writing class really slow and 90 min instead of 50 to get the work done. Learned by experience. Writing is always hard. 13 hours ago
  • #Reamde completed 13%. I’ll probably finish it by the end of the week. 13 hours ago
  • I might have to brew some coffee because I’ll be going until 9PM at least. 13 hours ago
  • Homological Algebra class and my grade 4 class. 13 hours ago
  • Tomorrow, Health Check. Last thing on my list that I’ve been putting off. Time has run out. 13 hours ago
  • This morning, I saw 4 new kittens, orange and white. 13 hours ago
  • Cat just snuggled up to me. The Cat Factory downstairs produced more kittens. 13 hours ago
  • 9,000 Scottish homes are running on whisky. Could that idea catch on in America? ( 13 hours ago
  • Trying to steam some potatoes in a rice cooker. Haven’t tried that before but it looks like it will take 20-35min. 13 hours ago
  • So focused on work when I came back from work that I forgot to put the groceries in the fridge 14 hours ago
  • It was only cool last week because the typhoon pushed cold weather toward us from the north. It’s back medium hot again. 15 hours ago
  • Coed Topless Pulp Fiction » Die Oben-Ohne-Bücher-Leserinnen » Literatur » AMY&PINK… via @amyandpink 23 hours ago
  • My Daily Tweets 09.25.11 23 hours ago

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