Big Brother UK S12E21 (Channel 5)

It’s time for this week’s noms. I’m pretty sure that Aaron will get nominated, but he’ll need about 5-8 to confirm that. Faye, Tom, and Anton will nominate him, but it’s not enough unless some of the other HM will nominate him as well.

I think that the whole kiss-gate was blown out of proportion.

Tom and Louise are talking about Aaron. Yesterday, Tom told Aaron that if he hadn’t been in the house, he would have thumped him.

Aden tells some of the HM that today it’s time for the noms. Aaron hasn’t gotten out of bed. Mark and Jay are worried about Aaron. Aaron has mentioned that he will go home. Jay is talking to Mark on the shitter with the door open.

Maisy is in the diary room talking about Aaron. She says that it just happened and there was nothing to it. The guys, especially Anton, made a big deal about it, because he’s jealous.

Mark and Faye are talking. Faye says that she can’t be bothered talking about it anymore. She thinks that they should move past it. Maisy tries to coax Aaron out of bed. He wants to be alone. Mark swings by. Both Tom and Faye went through the bedroom to check things out and leave quickly.

Aaron has come to see BB. Anton, Maisy, Aden, and Maisy are talking about him. Harry says that both Tom and Faye are very emotional. Aaron says that Tom is a disgusting person. He told other HM that Aaron fancied him. He says that Tom is shallow. He’s disappointed in Anton, Aden, Louise and Jay. He trusted them and they backstabbed him over.

Aaron gets out of bed. He has a talk with Jay. Tom smirks at him.

Tom wants an apology from Aaron. Anton plans on speed-nominating.


Alex Anton Aden “I don’t understand his jokes.”
Anton Aaron Heaven “He’s sly.”
Aden Aaron Heaven “He caused the drama.”
Aaron Anton Aden “He’s disrespectful.”
Faye Aaron Heaven “The way he dealt with it.”
Harry Tom Heaven “She’s too loud.”
Heaven Aaron Maisy “He’s shady.”
Jay Heaven Maisy “She’s lazy.”
Louise Aaron Maisy “She stares at me.”
Maisy Mark Aden “He’s a bum-sucker.”
Mark Aden Maisy “He won’t tolerate the bollocks.”
Tom Aaron Aden “He tries to one-up me.”

Heaven, Aden, and Aaron are nominated. Alex, Faye, Louise, Harry, and Jay received no noms.

I can’t even stand looking at him right now. He makes me furious.

Faye is in the diary room talking about Aaron. She says that she’s really disappointed with Aaron. She has a little cry. Maisy forces Aaron to go talk to her. He didn’t want to. She actually apologizes about her comment and that she wants him to stay. HM are told that Aden, Maisy and Aaron are nominated this week. Heaven is surprised that Aden is nominated. Aden is pretty upset.

-I wished that we’d had sex now Maisy.
-Don’t worry, we can do it when we get out.
Aaron and Maisy

Heaven thinks that she’s safe. Aden wonders who nominated him. Aaron and Tom talk. Tom wants to know why he is mad at him. Aaron says that he called him a fucking prick and then punch him in the face. Tom admits that it was out of order. Tom still thinks that Aaron led him on. Aaron says that he’s sorry and he didn’t mean anything by it. It doesn’t sound like they’ll be friends.

* * * * *

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