Big Brother UK S12E22 (Channel 5)

It looks like Aaron and Faye will hook up.

The HM have been ignoring the alarm for 23 minutes. So for, no one has spoken. Aaron makes some coffee and bacon sandwiches for Faye and himself.

For today’s shopping task, BB has given the HM monkeys to cover in their scent.

There is a fake gorilla in the garden. Dim Alex is picked by Yambo. She must take part in 3 challenges. Each challenge that they win gets them 30 seconds for the final part. HM don’t know that Yambo isn’t a real gorilla. The 1st part involves tossing Yambo a beach ball three times. Alex passes her task.

Mark and Heaven are next. Mark suspects that it’s a fake gorilla. Heaven buys into it. They have to snap a few photos. They get another 30 secs.

Faye and Aaron are trying to sort themselves out. Aaron says that he talked to Tom. He says that Tom isn’t his favorite person. Then they start talking about the peck he gave Faye that night.

Maisy is picked next. She gets dressed up in a gorilla suit and Yambo needs to show her some love. He does and the HM get another 30 secs.

Jay, Anton, and Aden are talking about Louise in the bedroom. Anton says that Louise was shocked that Maisy doesn’t give head. Jay says that Maisy would just lie there like a dead dog.

For the final part, HM must collect as many bananas as possible. Each banana is worth £1. Each monkey is worth £50. The gorilla gets out and they have to run around it. HM collected £398.

Harry has created a special spray, mixing garlic and water. He sprays it in the bathroom on some towels, on some beds, and on Faye’s pillow.

Alex and Anton are up to no good with Harry’s bed. They put some salt, mustard and soy sauce. That’s really bad.

Aaron and Tom are talking again. Tom wants it to be like before, but Aaron doesn’t like him anymore. Harry is surprised that Tom wants to be friends after BB.

Harry discovers the stuff that Alex and Anton did. He gets back at them. He dumps food in Alex’s bed.

Heaven looks like she belongs in the red light district.

Harry and Maisy are talking about Heaven and what happened between them.

Jay, Louise, Aden, and Heaven talk about playing a game of spin the bottle. Lou says that she doesn’t want to play. Later, Louise talks about how she would treat her man, someone she truly loved. She says that he would be her king. Jay hears this and feels awkward/interested. Louise realizes that Jay is looking at her and thinking about her. She gets shy.

Tom, Faye, Mark, and Aaron are talking about Aaron’s age.

Mark, Tom, Faye, and Aaron are in the pool with clothes. Harry has been wrapped in cling film for the past 4 minutes. Harry throws a glass of water at her because she was going to do the same to him. She tries to use the ketchup, but fails. She gets splashed with more water and some ketchup. Anton chucks some water at Harry. He misses. Harry gets some supplies.

Heaven tells Harry that he shouldn’t do this in the bedroom. Harry is pretty annoyed. He says that they started it. Heaven is getting involved, and Harry tells her to stay the fuck out of it. Harry comes back out and shouts at her some more. She always gets involved. He says that it’s his business and she shouldn’t stick her nose into it.

Faye and Aaron are flirting in the pool.

Alex and Harry are talking. Harry apologizes that he lost his cool.

Heaven and Aden are talking about nominations. Aden says that he knows exactly who nominated him.

Aaron and Faye are wrestling in the bedroom. He gives her a few kisses on the cheeks.

Harry comes to the diary room and apologizes. He’s annoyed at Heaven because she tends to step into anyone’s argument.

The HM are huddled around Louise’s bed. They says that it stinks of garlic and onion. It’s Harry’s doing, but they don’t know it.

Aaron asks Mark’s advice about the girls, and Faye. Mark says that the next person that he kisses, he should commit. Meaning that he shouldn’t kiss for laughs.

* * * * *

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