Survivor South Pacific Reap What You Sow 23E03 (CBS)

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The previews from last week made it seem that Ozzy would make a fatal mistake in this week’s immunity challenge, but it didn’t really matter. It was all down to the way that the tribes organized themselves. Coach smartly went on top to use the grappling hooks, which is what won the challenge for Upolu. Back at Savaii, Papa Bear scrambles to pretend that he found the immunity idol. No one really believed him. At Upolu, it’s obvious that Brandon will be leaving at their next tribal council. He’s a bit of a loose canon and everyone is on edge with him around.

* * * * *

Christine arrives at Redemption Island. She meets Semhar. Mikayla is really surprised that Brandon wanted her out. She’s thankful that Coach managed to save her.

Two people from each tribe will go to Redemption Island. Coach and Stacey go from Upolu. Elyse and Ozzy come from Savaii. They will have to place a wooden totem on top of a pole. At regular intervals, they will add more length to the pole. If the totem falls, they are out. Semhar does some spoken word poetry to focus and then they start. Everyone was rolling their eyes. Semhar is squinting strangely. Semhar drops it and she’s out. Christine stays alive. Semhar is gone. She has a little cry.

I hope that I’ll pull a Matt here and stay till the end.

Brandon is feeling pretty bad because he lied. He takes off his shirt to show everyone his tattoos and that he’s Russell Hantz’s nephew. Mikayla doesn’t trust him. Coach tells him that honesty is the best policy. In private, Coach says that this was a mistake. He says that it shows his age, he let it get to him.

Ozzy comes back with some fish. Papa Bear feels like the outsider. Ozzy tells Keith that he’s got the idol. What an idiot icmove. The power of the idol is that no one knows about it. Keith tells Whitney.

Keith is annoyed because now Ozzy has the power. He told Whitney so that she trusts him. He might need her vote later to get rid of Ozzy.

Brandon and Mikayla talk. Brandon says that even before he tried to get rid of her, others in the tribe disliked her. He calls another tribal meeting. He’s a bit of an idiot. All of them now think that Brandon is a loose canon.

Mikayla actually has a cry by herself on the beach. Brandon cries and sleeps in the ashes.

It’s a different kind of aggression than Russell had, but it’s an aggression nonetheless.
Coach about Brandon

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. One person from each tribe will race across the water on top of a narrow plank with a water board that’s attached to a long rope. They will grab a bag and then hold on while the tribe hauls them back. The remaining tribe members will use grappling hooks to retrieve the bags. Inside the bags are puzzle panels. They must arrange them to match their tribe flag. The first tribe to get it right wins immunity. They are also playing for coffee, tea, sugar, tea, chocolate, and some other treats. The winning tribe also gets another clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Brandon faces off against Ozzy. Savaii has got a knot in their rope. Ozzy has to slowdown. This happens at least 3 times. Brandon has his bag already. Albert for Upolu heads out. Dawn goes out. She makes up the time. Ozzy goes again. Mikayla goes out. Ozzy comes back with the 3rd bag. Upolu is slowing down. Dawn goes back out. Brandon catches up with Dawn. Albert and Ozzy go out. Ozzy loses his board. Albert takes a small lead.

Coach gets the first bag. Whitney gets the one for Savaii. Coach gets the 2nd one. Whitney gets #2. Coach gets bag number 3. Coach gets the 4th one. Whitney gets the third one. Whitney gets the 4th one. Coach gets the 5th one. Coach was good with the grappling took. Whitney is still trying to get the 5th one.

Coach is already working on the puzzle. Edna and Coach are working with Mikayla and Sophie. Upolu wins immunity. That was a decisive win. Savaii didn’t really start their puzzle.

Ozzy says that it’s between Papa Bear and Cochran. They tell Cochran that they will tell Papa Bear that he’s going home. This makes Cochran paranoid. Papa Bear doesn’t believe them. He decides to look for the idol. He runs off into the jungle. Elyse sees him and she tells the tribe. Elyse and Jim want to check things out. They see him digging throughout the dirt. He couldn’t find it so he makes a fake one. He tells everyone and everyone sees the bulge in his pants. Savaii is scrambling but Ozzy says that he won’t tell anyone else about the idol.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff starts talking with Cochran, who’s a bit defensive. Papa Bear says that Cochran is a threat to himself, physically at least. Dawn says that the leadership isn’t centralized, it shifts around during the day. Papa Bear is trying to make his play, but it’s not amounting to much.

It’s about fostering a culture of trust in the tribe.

Votes to Evict

Elyse Papa Bear
Cochran Papa Bear
Dawn Papa Bear
Papa Bear Jim
Jim Cochran
Ozzy Papa Bear
Keith Papa Bear
Whitney Papa Bear

Papa Bear is evicted by a 6-1-1 (Papa Bear, Cochran, Jim) vote.

* * * * *

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50 responses to “Survivor South Pacific Reap What You Sow 23E03 (CBS)”

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  2. mikidemillion Avatar

    First, who the heck is Jim? I’ll have to watch for his name mentioned on the next episode. Is he Ozzy’s sidekick? No, that’s Keith for now. Not sure who Jim is.

    Brandon must be making Russell proud about now. hee hee hee. What a mess he is! It’s good for Coach to keep him for now because he has a big target on his back. Also, he will be interesting to watch in the next episode or two.

    I was glad to see Semhar go. Why did they even torture us with airing her talks so much? arrgh! amateur stuff, at best. silly and laughable. I don’t think she’ll show up on any prime time after this.

    I did like Papa Bear. I’m somewhat indifferent to him leaving since we, as viewers, didn’t see much of him to date. Maybe he’ll beat Christine for another chance to get back in the game.

    I’m surprised that Coach isn’t getting on my nerves yet. I’m sure I’ll have to take that back soon.

    1. range Avatar

      Jim is that poker/pot store dude, who pretends that he’s poor. I’m also surprised at Coach. I think he’s mellowed and he’s really trying to win it this time by not messing up so much.

      Brendon is a train wreck. He’s probably the next one out on that tribe.

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