The Amazing Race Kindness of Strangers S19E01 (CBS)

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The 11 teams are:

-Andy & Tommy, former Olympic snowboarders

-Ethan & Jenna, former winners of *Survivor* and dating for 7 years

-Laurence & Zac, father and son adventurers

-Ernie/Cindy, recently engaged from Chicago

-Justin/Jennifer, brother and sister from Stone Mountain, GA

-Bill/Cathi, married grandparents

-Liz/Marie, blonde twin sisters

-Jeremy/Sandy, dating

-Ron/Bill, domestic partners and flight attendants

-Amani/Marcus, a married couple

-Kaylani/Lisa, former showgirls from Las Vegas

The first team to finish this leg will win the Express Pass. They must solve a word-puzzle on umbrellas. They are coming to Taipei, Taiwan. The last team to complete the puzzle will receive a Hazard, which they will have to complete in this leg of the race.

The snowboarders are the 1st ones to get the clue. They leave. Amani/Marcus are next. The blonde twins are next followed by Ethan and Jenna.

Bill/Cathi and Laurence/Zac leave. Justin/Jennifer also leave. Kaylani/Lisa are last. No surprise there. They get the Hazard. They lose a passport at a gas station. Wow, that was really stupid. They realize it and go back. They don’t find it and head to the airport.

Ron/Bill, Ethan/Jenna, and Ernie/Cindy are the 1st three teams on the China Airlines flight. Amani/Marcus, Laurence/Zac Justin/Jennifer, Andy/Tommy, and Jeremy/Sandy get onto the same flight.

Sandy tells everyone that Ethan won *Survivor*. Sandy also knows that Jenna won.

Someone turns in Kaylani’s passport. He talked with the snowboarders and tweeted about finding the passport. Someone tweeted him back to get it to LAX.

When teams arrive, they will make their way to Ximending. The first teams arrive and leave on the bus. Marcus lies about what he does.

The second flight arrives and Bill/Cathi are on the last bus all alone.

None of the teams find the clue, which is on an electronic billboard, but Justin/Jennifer investigate after a while. Amani/Marcus do the same. Ron/Bill see them looking and find someone to translate.

A kind stranger tells Jennifer/Justing that it’s the Taipei Confucius Temple. Most of the teams leave. The second bus arrives followed by the last bus.

Ethan/Jenna and Andy/Tommy see the clue, but only Ethan/Jenna realize it’s the clue.

The team face a Roadblock. Teams must use a pay phone to hear a proverb that they must memorize. Then they must recite it to a monk. Cindy speaks Mandarin. She’s the first to dial the number, but remembers it wrong.

Bill/Cathi head to the Shin Kong Mistokoshi building instead of following the clue. Ron/Bill, Amani/Marcus, and Ernie/Cindy try and try again. Ethan/Jenna and Jeremy/Sandy also try. Cindy gets it first. They must travel by taxi to Dajia Riverside park. Justin/Jennifer are close behind. Jeremy/Sandy leave.

Bill/Cathi go up into the building and then back down again.

Andy is shit at memorization his first time. Ethan gets it and they leave.

Teams will now join a professional dragon boat race team. Ron/Bill and Amani/Marcus leave. Andy/Tommy leave.

Kaylani/Lisa and Liz/Marie arrive.

Ernie/Cindy leave for the pit stop. It’s the Martyr’s Shrine. Lisa gets the proverb very quickly. they must now complete their  Hazard. They must travel to the Core City Pacific Mall for their next clue. Liz is really shitty at memorizing. It sounds like they have done it at least 100 times. Bill/Cathi are still looking for the clue. they are near Taipei Main Station, not Ximending.

Kaylani/Lisa must bungee jump in a crowded mall.

Ernie/Cindy finish 1st. They get the Express Pass. Jeremy/Sandy are 2nd. Justin/Jen are 3rd. Bill/Cathi get the clue.

Liz is still trying to memorize the proverb. She finally gets it. Cathi gets the proverb on the 1st try. Holy crap, that was quick. They might catch up.

Ethan/Jenna finish 4th. Amani/Marcus finish 5th. Laurence/Zac are 6th and Andy/Tommy are 7th. Ron/Bill are 8th. Keylani/Lisa are 9th. Liz/Marie are 10th. Bill/Cathi aren’t eliminated. They will encounter a Speed Bump. At the end of the next leg of the race, two teams will be eliminated.

* * * * *

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