The Amazing Race Kindness of Strangers S19E01 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

The 11 teams are:

-Andy & Tommy, former Olympic snowboarders

-Ethan & Jenna, former winners of *Survivor* and dating for 7 years

-Laurence & Zac, father and son adventurers

-Ernie/Cindy, recently engaged from Chicago

-Justin/Jennifer, brother and sister from Stone Mountain, GA

-Bill/Cathi, married grandparents

-Liz/Marie, blonde twin sisters

-Jeremy/Sandy, dating

-Ron/Bill, domestic partners and flight attendants

-Amani/Marcus, a married couple

-Kaylani/Lisa, former showgirls from Las Vegas

The first team to finish this leg will win the Express Pass. They must solve a word-puzzle on umbrellas. They are coming to Taipei, Taiwan. The last team to complete the puzzle will receive a Hazard, which they will have to complete in this leg of the race.

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Big Brother UK S12E22 (Channel 5)

It looks like Aaron and Faye will hook up.

The HM have been ignoring the alarm for 23 minutes. So for, no one has spoken. Aaron makes some coffee and bacon sandwiches for Faye and himself.
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Big Brother UK S12E21 (Channel 5)

It’s time for this week’s noms. I’m pretty sure that Aaron will get nominated, but he’ll need about 5-8 to confirm that. Faye, Tom, and Anton will nominate him, but it’s not enough unless some of the other HM will nominate him as well.

I think that the whole kiss-gate was blown out of proportion.

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Big Brother UK S12E20 (Chanel 5)

The shit has hit the fan for Aaron. It’s going to end in tears. The HM get up. Aaron tells Mark that he’s in so much trouble. He says that he kissed Maisy last night.

Anton and Aden are in the diary room gossiping. Anton says that he heard some moaning. He woke Aden up and says that Aaron was hooking up with Maisy on the sly.
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Big Brother UK S12E19 (Channel 5)

The shit is going to hit the fan today. It’s all because of Aaron and a kiss. Louise shows off her thong, as does Maisy. Lots of bum action in the first few minutes.

Mark tells Harry that he will wank off today. Heaven, Faye, and Louise are talking that they are feeling funny today. They feel disturbed thanks to Rebeckah’s VT. Aden and Tom are speculating how they are perceived on the outside world. Tom thinks that it’s best not to know.
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