Big Brother UK S12E23 (Channel 5)

Not much is happening in the BBUK house this morning. Louise comes to the diary room to ask for some Aspirin. She says that Jay was straddling her after stripping and was grinding her. She liked that.

Mark and Harry are cleaning their beds. Last night, they got trashed during the pranks.

Jay and Louise are talking about Heaven. Anton says that he doesn’t like her at all.

Harry comes to the diary room. He’s appalled at the general state of cleanliness in the house.

Wild animals are far cleaner than the people in this house.

Some of the girls are really bad at it. We have horses, and they are cleaner than this.

Tom tells Maisy that he’s getting fat. Maisy says that she’s getting fat as well.

Mark and Harry plan on getting revenge for yesterday’s pranks. They want to pretend that they’ve gotten a task from Big Brother. Some of the HM have to pretend that they are dogs. Mark is pretty cool with the prank. Jay and Aaron are the dogs.

Mark and Harry tell Dim Alex that they made up the task. Dim Alex says that she did her hair for her dog. They did it so that she wouldn’t get too excited.

They use melanin to fly rockets

Heaven is in the garden, spouting more BS New Age crap to the incredulous HM.

HM are doing the shopping. Heaven isn’t happy with it because HM got some munchies. She tries to change the list.

Dim Alex asks Lou if she fancies anyone. Lou is grinning. She likes Jay. They dislike Anton. He’s too much for them. He’s also full of himself. Lou is getting annoyed. She says that it’s disgusting. Alex says that Anton puts down women a lot. Lou says that Anton is disrespectful to women.

When Aaron reads out the shopping, he omits the stuff he doesn’t like. That’s pretty funny. BB asks him about his knees. He’s wearing some bandages because they are grazed. BB says that BB hasn’t set a task.

Jay is still being a dog in the garden.

Aaron doesn’t believe that there is a task anymore, but he’s still on his knees. Jay gets into the diary room to ask BB about the task. BB says that BB has not set a task today. Jay comes out pretty pissed. Mark runs away. Jay says that they will get them back.

For today’s task, the HM get to clean the house. As long as they clean, they get some music. As soon as the cleaning stops, the music stops.

Harry is pretty happy. The shopping arrives. The HM start drinking. Maisy, Lou, and Faye drink Heaven’s wine while she’s in the diary room. Lou says that Heaven doesn’t like her. Maisy pours in some water in the bottle to try and dupe Heaven.

Anton tells Lou that Jay is in love with her. Lou says that he doesn’t chat with her. Anton says that Jay is shy.

Heaven comes back out and sees her wine missing. Anton tells her that it wasn’t Lou, Aaron, Alex, or Ads. Heaven says that she’s having two glasses the next time. Faye and Maisy arrive and an argument starts. Anton starts lying and saying that he didn’t say anything.

Ads pulls Faye away. Lou says that it’s like being in a playground. Faye is getting angry at Anton for telling on her. Anton says that Faye can suck his dick. Then he says that she can fuck off. Maisy tells him that he’s out of order.

Faye is pissed at Anton, Heaven, and Lou. Lou drank the wine as well. Faye is starting to cry in the bathroom. Maisy starts to slap her a bit to stop her from freaking out. Faye is mainly disappointed in Lou, because she didn’t say anything.

HM are still arguing 30 min later. Harry tries to make them stop. Faye is in a corner crying. She comes to the diary room.

Harry and Mark are in the bedroom. Ads is trying not to lose control. They tell him to calm down and stay in here. He doesn’t.

Lou is in the diary room talking about the wine. Faye is trying to have a talk with Anton, but doesn’t manage to do so and leaves. Anton doesn’t feel like talking. He’s the shit-stirrer. He follows her into the garden. Faye says that she thought he was a close friend, but he betrayed her.

Lou and Faye are still whining some time later. Lou didn’t like that she was being called sneaky and/or sly. Lou goes to the bedroom to talk with Jay. Lou wants Faye to trust her, but obviously that trust has been broken.

Aaron has been comforting Faye in bed for the last 15 minutes. Aaron ends up kissing Faye. They kiss some more under the covers.

* * * * *

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