Doctor Who Closing Time S06E12 (BBC)

The new Doctor Who: Matt Smith

Doctor Who is a long-running, award-winning British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious alien time-traveller known as “the Doctor” who travels in his space and time-ship, the TARDIS, which appears from the exterior to be a blue police phone box. With his companions, he explores time and space, solving problems and righting wrongs.

The show’s lead character is currently portrayed by David Tennant. A Christmas special co-starring Kylie Minogue aired in December 2007, and the fourth series started on 5 April 2008. For that series, Catherine Tate will reprise her role of Donna Noble, from the 2006 Christmas special, as the Doctor’s latest companion. Midway through the series, Freema Agyeman will also return to her role of Martha Jones, following a multi-episode guest appearance in the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood. John Barrowman will continue his role as Captain Jack Harkness, and Billie Piper will return as Rose Tyler for three episodes. Elisabeth Sladen is also set to return as Sarah Jane Smith in a cameo role.

Matt Smith takes over the reigns of Doctor Who in this serial.

From the Doctor Who entry at Wikipedia.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The Doctor working a smartphone

The Doctor is a long lived alien from the planet Gallifrey. He’s a Time Lord and travels through time thanks to his aging time capsule the Tardis. David Tennant is the tenth Doctor. My favorite has always been Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. The Doctor periodically regenerates. When he does so, he changes outward appearance which let the producers change actors easily. All Time Lords regenerate 13 times. The Doctor’s nemesis is the Master, a renegade Time Lord who found a way around this limit. Other enemies include the Black Guardian, the Daleks and the Cybermen.

During the previous serials, before 2005, Gallifrey was alive and well. It appears that for the new series, the Doctor is the only survivor of the last great Time War between the Dalek Empire and the Time Lords.

Matt Smith and James Corden reunite after their stint in The Lodger for some good old fashion fun. The Doctor is almost in shambles, trying to save a town from Cybermen. Lots of good bits in this episode, including some pretty nice limericks and rhymes about what will happen to the Doctor in the Autumn finale. I love how the Doctor talks baby.

* * * * *

Some girl is leaving her job as a teller. The lights keep flicking on and off. Another teller finds a Cyberman.

Craig Owens (The Lodger) is phoning many people. His wife left to have a rest. The Doctor knocks on his door. Craig has got a baby son. Craig is on his own for the weekend while Sophie is away.

He prefers to be called Stormageddon, dark lord of all.
The Doctor about Alfie

The Doctor tries to leave, but doesn’t manage to do so. He ends up working in some shop.

Saw a shop, got a job, you got to live in the moment.
The Doctor

Some people have gone missing while there have been some power fluctuations. He says that someone has been using a teleport relay in this shop. They get into some broken elevator that the Doctor repaired. It triggered the teleport. They end up in a spaceship. They see Cybermen coming towards them. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to reverse the teleporter. They are back in the shop.

They investigate and the Doctor is told about the silver rat thing that’s been seen running around. The Doctor keeps shushing the humans. It makes them stop speaking. He has to unshush them so that they can talk again.

A Cyberman took Shauna. There is a Cybermat around as well. It’s been sucking the electricity of the shop. The Doctor sees Amy and Rory. For some reason, Amy is signing an autograph for a little girl. The Doctor doesn’t even say hello. Amy is a model. The perfume is Petrichor, and the subtitle says ‘for the girl who’s tired of waiting’.

The Doctor catches the Cybermat. Then, the Doctor gets knocked out by a Cyberman. It killed another man.

While the Doctor takes care of Alfie, the Cybermat activates itself again. It comes after the Doctor. He zaps it with the sonic screwdriver. He gets away but drops the sonic screwdriver. The Cybermat goes after Craig. The Doctor comes back inside to try and deactivate it. They are successful.

The Doctor tells Craig that his time is running out. He’s dying tomorrow. So it’s been 200 years since he dropped off Amy and Rory. The Doctor reprograms the Cybermat and goes to hunt the Cybermen.

The Doctor finds out that the Cybermen are under the shop, not in space in their Cybership. The Cybership is there, underneath everything.

Craig goes after the Doctor, but they catch him and convert him into a Cyberman. Craig hears Alfie crying on the monitors and gets out. The emotion created a feedback loop inside the Cybermen and they explode. The Doctor and Craig use the teleporter to get out of there.

I blew them up with love.

The Doctor uses up some time to clean up the house. Craig gives the Doc a cowboy hat because he said that he’s going to America. Sophie comes back.

River Song is reviewing eye witness reports of the last sighting of the Doctor. She hears Madame Kovarian in the shadows. The Silence has come. Madane Kovarian says that the Silence are her owners.

By Silencio Lake, on the Plane of Sighs, an impossible astronaut will rise from the deep and strike the Timelord dead.
Madame Kovarian

They bring in the astronaut suit. Today, they made River into a doctor. Madame Kovarian says that they made Melody Pond into the girl who kills the Doctor. They put her in the suit and put her in the lake.

Tick, tock goes the clock, and all the years they fly,
Tick, tock and all too soon, your luck will surely die.
Madame Kovarian

Tick, Tock goes the clock, the cradle won’t be rocked,
Tick, tock goes the clock till River kills the Doctor.
Limerick heard at the end of the show

* * * * *

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