Big Brother UK S12E29 (Channel 5)

It’s nominations! It’s the second best day of the Big Brother week.

The HM are getting up. Aaron is still upset about Jay’s racist joke. Mark is fed up with life in the house. He says that he’s bored.

Mark comes to the diary room to whinge. He thinks that his time is up. BB says that part of the challenge is to live with the mundanity of the house.

Faye thinks that she’ll be nominated. Maisy says that the HM don’t give a fuck about her an Aaron, it’s about friendships.

Jay is annoyed with Aaron’s drama. He uses the “poor me” technique to garner attention. Mark tells Aaron that he wants to go because the focus in the house is the arguments. He tries to disguise his voice from the microphones by speaking with a finger in his mouth. Aaron is starting to cry again about the comments. Jay is whinging about the situation in the kitchen. OMG, it’s pathetic.

Jay goes to whinge in the diary room.

Aaron and Lou are talking about Jay and Anton. He says that his partner was in a wheelchair for a year. It was either his wife or mother. I honestly don’t care. He’s making a big deal about this. All this will do is that he will get nominated by Jay, Anton, Aden, and others.


Aaron Anton Jay “He’s racist.” “He’s sexist.”
Aden Aaron Faye “He’s moody.”
Alex Faye Maisy “She doesn’t want us to be here.”
Anton Faye Maisy “She’s lost her mind.”
Faye Anton Aaron “He’s distant.”
Harry Faye Maisy “Too much emotion.”
Jay Faye Mark “Drink = drama.”
Louise Faye Maisy “She stares at me.”
Maisy Mark Aaron “He’s rude and selfish.”
Mark Aden Maisy “We are from different planets.”
Tom Aden Maisy “She leaves talk everywhere.”

She can’t seem to have a normal conversation without breaking into song.
Harry about Maisy

That’s the second week that Faye nominates Aaron. That’s cold. Lou has nominated Maisy every single week.

Both Faye and Maisy got 6 noms and will face the public vote. I didn’t see that coming. I thought Aaron would get nominated. Alex, Harry, Lou and Tom received no noms.

Alex is sharing her love of chocolate with Aaron and Harry.

-The next thing in life that I want to do is to go to Willy Wonka’s.
-You do know that Willy Wonka isn’t real?
-OK Harry.
-Where is Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory?
-In America.
Alex and Harry, demonstrating how much of a simpleton Alex is

Jay and Lou are talking about love and companionship. They flirt a lot. Aaron and Fay haven’t talked all day.

BB tells the HM that Faye and Maisy are nominated. Faye and Mark go back into their bath. Aaron follows them.

Faye and Maisy are talking about being nominated.

The curse of kissing Aaron.

Aaron tells Mark that the wrong two people are up. Tom tells him that he can’t say that. Aaron says that it’s his opinion and he can say that. Anton is happy that the HM he nominated are up for eviction.

That creates Team Annoying.

Later, Anton is in Maisy bed. Faye and Aaron finally talk. Aaron tells Faye that Maisy is gone. Faye is worried how her family perceived her on the outside. She feels like she disappointed them.

* * * * *

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