The Amazing Race The Sprint of Our Life S19E02 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

So tonight it’s a double elimination leg. Teams are leaving Taiwan for Indonesia. There are no flights out tonight, so the teams are spending the night at the airport. Most of the teams are at the airport. Cathi/Bill leave at 4AM, that’s about 8 hours behind the earliest teams.

They catch up with everyone on the same plane. Teams land in Jakarta and take a train to Yogyakarta. The day has barely started and Justin/Jen are bickering. They make a spectacle of themselves.

Teams will race to Goa Jomblang cave by taxi when they arrive. Teams face a Roadblock. They must go spelunking. They will search for a javanese mask and a dagger. They must climb up a bamboo ladder to deliver them. Bill/Cathi must complete a Speed Bump. They must untangle some rope.

Ernie/Cindy arrive followed by Liz/Marie. Amani/Marcus arrive. Bill/Cathi complete the Speed Bump. Cindy does the spelunking. Marcus had no idea what spelunking is. Marie goes down as does Bill. Jeremy/Sandy arrive. Jeremy does it. Tommy does the spelunking. Justin/Jen arrive. Kaylani/Lisa arrive. Zac does it.  Ethan does the spelunking.

Marie, Bill, and Cindy start climbing. Bill distances them because of his longer limbs. Bill finishes 1st. Teams face a Detour. In Money Maker, they must earn some tips by learning a traditional dance while the other team member accompanies on the drum. In Ticket Maker, they must go to a popular mall and work as a motorbike parking attendant. They must go to an orphanage and give them their earnings. Teams must notice a sign that tells them to hand over all of their money to the orphans.

Liz/Marie decide to dance. Bill/Cathi park some bikes, as do Ernie/Cindy.

Ron/Bill are bringing in the rear. Andy/Tommy and Justin/Jen also park bikes. Ernie/Cindy finish and leave. They are 1st. Bill/Cathi leave. They are in 2nd. Liz/Marie are 3rd.

Ernie/Cindy don’t realize that they had to hand over all of their money. The clue was written right in front of them. They leave for Kraton Palace. Bill/Cathi arrive but they don’t see the sign. Neither do Liz/Marie.

Andy/Tommy and Justin/Jen leave. Lawrence/Zac arrive at the mall parking.

Amani/Marcus and Jeremy/Sandy leave for the orphanage.

Ernie/Cindy finish 1st, but Phil tells them that they need to give their money to the orphanage. Cindy is freaking out. They need to run to Kraton Palace.

Andy/Tommy are the only team up to now to give their money to the orphans.

Ethan loses the clue. They start freaking out. Jenna forgot the clue. They have to run back.

Justin/Jen don’t read the sign. Jeremy/Sandy don’t do it either.  Amani/Marcus also skip it.

Liz/Marie need to return to the orphanage. As do Bill/Cathi.

Laurence/Zac arrive at the orphanage. They read the clue and give them their money. Kaylani/Lisa also read it and give it to the orphans.

Andy/Tommy arrive 4th but finish 1st because they handed over their money. They win a trip for two to Ireland.

Ernie/Cindy hand over their money and run back.

Jeremy/Sandy need to go back to the orphanage. Justin/Jen bicker all the way to the pit stop. They need to head back to give their money to the orphans, as do Amani/Marcus.

Ethan/Jenna don’t read the clue.

Laurence/Zac finish 8th but they handed over their money. They finish 2nd. Ethan/Jenna head back.

Kaylani/Lisa finish 10th and are told by Phil that they are 3rd because they handed over their money. Ernie/Cindy finish 4th. Liz/Marie finish 5th. Jeremy/Sandy finish 6th. Bill/Cathi finish 7th. Justin/Jen finish 8th.

Ron/Bill don’t read the clue and leave for the pit stop. They are told to head back. Jenna/Ethan hand over their cash and go to the pit stop.

Amani/Marcus finish 9th. That means that Ethan/Jenna and Ron/Bill are eliminated. That didn’t take long.

* * * * *

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