My Daily Tweets 10.07.11

  • Wooden Laptop Stands: Sustainable & Distinctive 3 hours ago
  • LEGO Star Wars Death Star Landing Bay Diorama Made from Over 30,000 Bricks 3 hours ago
  • Workerman MacHook Offers Easy Headphone Storage 3 hours ago
  • He’s also extremely impatient. 16 hours ago
  • Even while they play, that kid Allen creates conflict. He’s a difficult child and some of the kids don’t like him anymore. 16 hours ago
  • And badly behaved. There are 8 kids in that class. On Fridays, 2 of them don’t come. 16 hours ago
  • I was wondering why my grade 2 class was so quiet, it’s bc Allen wasn’t there. When he is there, the class is noticeably louder. 16 hours ago
  • Only one post to go before I’m done for the day. Tomorrow, doing some writing and tutoring German. 16 hours ago
  • I have the grade 2 class for 14 hrs a week. The Grade 4 class for 6hrs a week. That also makes a difference. 16 hours ago
  • I’m actually surprised that I managed to mark it all. It’s such a contrast to the Grade 2 class, where marking takes no time. 16 hours ago
  • Started crating Spike again last night because he wakes me up with his constant wanting. 16 hours ago
  • Realized that 600ml of strong coffee is way too much to get me through my Wednesdays and Fridays. 16 hours ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Ida Nielsen by Andoni & Arantxa for Elle Ukraine,… 16 hours ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Anna Zasada by Jacek Zajac,… 16 hours ago
  • 18% done with #TheInstructions by Adam Levin. 17 hours ago
  • Last 2 hrs of teaching were nutty bc we were doing grade 4 writing and spelling. Hard way to end the teaching week. Work week isn’t over yet 17 hours ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Stephanie Corneliussen by Tony Kelly for Treats! #2 Fall 2011,… 17 hours ago
  • Haruki Murakami’s translator on what makes the pop-smash writer tick |… 7 Oct
  • Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 7 Oct
  • Saw a small #Reamde review on RWW. They didn’t even manage to get the names spelled correctly. 7 Oct
  • At one point, about 10 years ago, my father went back to Macs. He had a white MacBook and was quite happy w it after his ThinkPad. 7 Oct
  • Our first Mac was a Mac II Classic. The first computer we had. We had a few other Macs after before we started w PCs. 7 Oct
  • Visit or send us an email at asterisk cycles at gmail dot com for more details. 7 Oct
  • New Colnagos as well. TIME bikes and frames as usual. 7 Oct
  • Pinarello Dogma 2 now available from Asterisk*Cycles 7 Oct
  • Steve Jobs was arguably the best ambassador ever between androids and humans. 6 Oct
  • Frugal is such a bad-smelling word for a great concept. If a frog held a horn up to its ass when it farted it would go “FRUGAL!” 7 Oct
  • ZAC FASHION: Valentina Zelyaeva by Jacques Dequeker for Wish Report Brazil,… 7 Oct
  • Heard about 100 helicopters doing maneuvers for Monday’s 100-year anniversary of the PRC. 7 Oct
  • My Daily Tweets 10.06.11 7 Oct

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