Big Brother UK S12E30 (Channel 5)

So Maisy and Faye got themselves nominated. Faye, because she can’t handle her drink, and Maisy because she’s so annoying. I would like Maisy to leave. She doesn’t bring much to the house.

Maisy is trying to figure out why she got nominated. She probes Tom. Anton tells Faye that Aaron saved himself by kissing a boy and taking his willy out.

Yesterday, Mark was thinking about leaving the BBUK house. Mark is going to stay for a bit.

For this week’s shopping task, HM will be working in the BB toy factory. Jay decided that he was the bossiest HM, so he’s the boss. He appointed Anton and Aden are managers. Management gets a full English breakfast while the workers get porridge.

Aaron immediately starts messing with Mark. They throw the porridge all over themselves. The workers must make enough toys in 3 different shifts. In their 1st shift, they must stuff and dress 120 teddy bears. Management gets a posh office, with a snooker table.

The HM start throwing supplies all over the place almost immediately. Aaron is convinced that they have to fail the task to pass. BB calls a factory worker to the diary room. Tom goes. He is set a secret mission. The reward is a luxury shopping budget of £500. He must make more toys than anyone else during the task. He mustn’t tell anyone about this. He gets some fruits for the factory workers as a cunning ploy.

He’s going to make you suck his dick.

Jay gives a commendation to Lou. In 1h, they have stuffed 41 bears. Tom has stuffed 9. BB calls another HM to the diary room. Maisy goes to see what’s up. Maisy is given the opportunity to double the £300 to £600. She must make more toys than anyone else. She’s got the same mission as Tom.

Jay sings the workers a little song over the intercom. Naturally, Aaron and Mark mess about a lot. They pass the task. Maisy stuffed 15 and Tom did 21.

For the next part, HM must assemble 200 dolls in 2 hours. That’s about 29 per HM. Harry, Aaron, and Mark mess about some more. It’s chaos. The HM throw the toys all over the place. Jay writes a poem. It’s mostly about Lou. She’s pretty happy.

Tom and Alex get gold stars from Jay for being the best workers. Aaron is actually destroying some dolls. He’s being a total asshole. They pass the second part of the task.

The next part involves to form 15 full decks of cards. There are over 50,000 cards in some baskets. Harry, Mark, and Aaron continue sabotaging the task. They throw cards all over the place. I wonder why they are acting like this.

Aaron and Harry are called to the office. Jay fires them. Productivity has increased with those two idiots out of it. The others complete the task.

The factory workers go a bit mad in the task room. Jay thinks the Aaron and Harry should get chick peas and rice for the week for being wankers.

BB tells the HM that they passed the task. Tom succeeded in his part of the task, so the shopping budget is £500. Mark comes to the diary room and says that he wants to go home. BB tells Mark to speak to his HM and then he will be called back to the diary room in the morning to make his final decision about staying or going.

He tells the HM that he will be going tomorrow morning. He says that he doesn’t want to be filmed anymore. Tom starts to cry like a little baby. Maisy also starts to cry. Alex and Jay start crying. Jay says that he will regret it if he leaves. Tom and Alex leave to cry in the toilet. They are sobbing almost hysterically.

Jay goes to the bedroom. Aden tries to make him feel better. He says that Mark has cracked. It’s got to him and he has to leave. Aden tells Jay that he needs a cuddle. They hug. It’s kind of nice.

Aaron comes to the diary room.

Just checked the feeds and Mark walked out of the BBUK house at 10:49AM the next day.

* * * * *

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