Big Brother UK S12E31 (Channel 5)

Mark is about to leave the BBUK house. He’s been called to the diary room. The HM have trouble believing that he’s actually leaving. Immediately, the waterworks start. Aden, Tom, Aaron, Jay, Faye and other cry. Mark leaves. BB makes an announcement.

The HM start ruminating about Mark and his departure. Harry gets annoyed because the HM act as if Mark is dead.

Jay relates his dream to Lou. She was in it. Faye is mulling over the upcoming eviction.

I cried so much yesterday that my head was swimming.

The HM are doing the shopping list. Maisy says that she doesn’t want any bananas.

Maisy asks Aaron’s advice about being up for nomination.

Aaron, Harry, and Anton are hatching a plan to sabotage the shopping. Harry says that he’s tempted on spending a lot of the budget on bananas.

Lou and Jay are talking about sex.

-I get horny after eating.
-I get horny when someone touches my hand.
Jay and Lou

Aden and Anton are talking about the final.

Harry has been reading out the shopping list for the last 14 minutes. He orders 500 loose bananas, 100 boxes of Frosted Flakes, 50 bars of chocolate, 20 bottles of ketchup, and 1,000 bottles of food coloring. He tells Aaron that he got everyone’s personal list plus some bullshit.

Messing with the HM’s food is a bad idea. They don’t have much to look forward too and food is pretty important to them.

Jay is already jonesing for food.

Lou, Aaron, and Alex are talking about pets. Dim Alex says that her dog a good listener.

Anton and Aaron tell Harry to ready himself. The HM will get very angry with him. The shopping has been delivered. Harry starts laughing. Jay is the first one in. Jay starts freaking out. Lou says that she is going to cry.

Jay is getting really annoyed. He’s tossing some of the stuff around. Harry is still laughing, but he will naturally get nominated. Jay says that he will smash it all up. Some of the HM are scrambling to hide the food.

Jay starts stomping on some bananas. Jay starts getting livid. Jay starts chucking some food in the bin. He empties the jars and stuff. Jay is breathing heavily. He’s getting really angry.

Jay is fuming in the diary room. The HM are putting the food dye to good use. Jay is punching a cushion in the garden. The HM tell Harry to stay out of Jay’s way. The ground and windows are shaking. Lou tells Aaron that she found it attractive.

Jay has decided to clear the air a bit later with Harry. Lou comes over and says that she adores Jay and that he’s so lovely. Jay say that he really loves her too.

Anton is in the diary room. He says that Lou and Jay actually love each other. That’s the real relationship in the house. They might even get a marriage out of it.

Lou and Jay are going to bed together. Beforehand, he asks her if he can come for a cuddle. They song under the covers.

Aaron, Faye, and Maisy are talking about what they miss about relationships. Faye and Maisy miss cuddles and partnership. Aaron says that he hasn’t had a relationship in so long that he no longer misses it.

* * * * *

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