Big Brother UK S12E32-33 (Channel 5)

It’s eviction night. A new HM is also going in! She looks like another wrestler or body builder.

This morning, Jay and Lou continue snogging. Lou tells Aden in the garden that she snogged Jay. She also genuinely likes the lad.

Both Jay and Anton think that Maisy will be going on Friday. Love-struck Lou is talking to BB. She says that he’s got a nice bum, nice eyes, and his accent just goes through her.

Meanwhile, Jay is shaving his bum. Maisy and Anton see this. They tell Aden to check it tout. All of the HM see it.

Last night, Aaron and Faye snogged as well. Maisy told Anton that it was going on.

Jay is cutting Aaron’s hair with his bum clippers. Maisy and Faye are talking about Aaron. Faye says that she does like him.

Still fuming over the food situation, Anton and Aden are plotting to get Harry back with some of the supplies he ordered. They get Jay involved. Jay says that they should do it slyly.

They wait after the boys have left and then dump all of their washed clothes in the tub, that now has food coloring in it. Jay adds some ketchup.

Aaron sees it. Aden says that he didn’t do anything. Aaron asks Jay why he did it. They all say that didn’t do anything. Now, Harry gets angry. He tells Ads and Anton to fuck off. Harry says that he will get nominated for this.

Jay says that it is as funny as them getting bananas. Jay comes to talk to Harry. Jay lies and says that he didn’t do it. Harry tells him to fuck off. He says that it’s the same as the bananas. I guess Harry can dish it out and can’t take it. That comes as no surprise.

Later, Jay comes clean to Harry. Harry tells Anton that he’s a dickhead. Harry says that Anton is no longer one of his closest mates.

It starts to kick off as the culpable HM don’t want to take responsibility, and that’s mostly down to cowardice. It’s basically down to Anton.

An hour later, Aden apologizes to Harry. Jay apologizes as well. They hug it out. Harry calmed down. Ads also hugs Harry. Jay starts building a love nest for Lou.

Lou is going to get the finger!

Jay’s passion pit is almost complete. Lou joins in and they snog some more. Faye, Maisy and Aaron have a group hug.

Exit Interview S12E33

Brian talks to the HM, but he doesn’t tell them not to swear. Maisy gets major boos. The crowd chants ‘get Maisy out’.

Faye is quite happy that she’s staying.

Maisy gets evicted. The crowd boos. Maisy is shocked about the HM who nominated her. She says that Anton is a snake and that he is playing a game.

I’m not going to see him ever again.
Maisy about Anton

The new HM is Jemma. She’s another pro wrestler. She’s Faye’s older sister. Faye is super excited.

Jemma tells Faye to chill out with the alcohol.

* * * * *

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