Survivor South Pacific Survivalism S23E04 (CBS)

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The previews made us believe that Keith and Jim were planning to move against Ozzy, but that didn’t happen. Jim tried to marshal a vote against Elyse, but that didn’t happen either. Instead, they got rid of Stacey when they lost the challenge. Meanwhile, over at Upolu, Brandon is on the outs with the tribe. He’ll most probably leave next, as he’s as nutty or nuttier than his uncle.

This episode showed Edna’s annoying side and I had to wait until I heard Rick’s name, because he doesn’t get much air time and doesn’t do much. The challenge was a bit of a letdown. I wanted something a bit more elaborate that this.

* * * * *

Elyse asks Ozzy if all of his family is into outdoors. Ozzy says that when he was young, he got interested into survivalism. Jim sees them spending a lot of time together, so he hatches a plan to get rid of Elyse. He can’t get rid of Ozzy. He tells Cochran that they should get rid of Elyse.

Brandon apologizes to Mikayla, but she is still weary of him. She thinks that he looks like a fool. Brandon tells Edna that there is a core of 5. He’s basically sabotaging other players’ game. It rattles Edna.

Two more tribe members need to go to Redemption Island. Jim and Cochran go for Savaii.

At Savaii, the tribe members get some bathing suits. Dawn is Mormon, and her suit covers her body. Whitney and Elyse look nice.

Jim talks strategy a lot. Ozzy gets annoyed. Edna and Brandon come for Upolu.

Christine face off against Papa Bear. Brandon wants to say something to Christine. He apologizes to her. She kind of accepts it, but she doesn’t buy it. They will toss sandbags, attempting to land them on top of some raised crates. Christine has got 4 while Papa Bear has got 2. Christine is really good. She lands another. It’s 6-4. 7-4. 7-5. Papa Bear gets another one, but so does Christine. It’s 8-7. It’s tied. 9-8. It’s tied again. Christine wins. That was impressive and it also looked like fun.

Coach asks Edna to walk on his back. Edna never shuts up. She said in her VT that she wants to emphasize her social game. Her social game manages to annoy Stacey and Mikayla.

Edna like ricochet rabbit. She don’t have no off switch

When Cochran and Jim come back, Dawn tells Cochran that Ozzy was telling everybody that they won’t be talking about strategy. Dawn doesn’t mind voting for Elyse.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. 3 members of each tribe will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, a weight will be added. The decision about which tribe member gets a weight is made by the other tribe. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe. The reward is a rooster and 2 hens. There will also be another clue to the immunity idol.

Brandon, Stacey, and Albert will bear weights for Upolu. Keith, Dawn, and Jim do it for Savaii. Brandon, Jim, Keith, Stacey, Dawn get weights. Both tribes are spreading the weights around. After 26 min, Dawn and Stacey have both got 100 lbs. Albert and Keith have 180 lbs. Jim and Brandon each have 200 lbs. Keith drops the weight first. Albert is out. Brandon and Jim have got 220 lbs. They get 240 lbs both and break the Survivor record held by Rupert. Jim drops his weights. Brandon drops his weight too a few moments later. It’s between Dawn and Stacey.

Stacey is hanging on by her butt.

They get 20 lbs. And then some more. Both women had 140 lbs. Stacey drops it. Savaii wins. Upolu is going to tribal.

Edna is scrambling like scrambled eggs in a hot skillet right now.

Edna tries to pump info out of Stacey. Stacey doesn’t say much. Coach tells Stacey that it’s either her or someone else. He says that he can’t lie to her. I like that.

Brandon starts to meddle once again. Coach tells him to stop it. Brandon doesn’t like hearing this. He’s a git. Sophie thinks that they need to reshuffle their alliance. Coach is also weary.

It’s time for tribal. It comes out that Edna talks a lot. Albert snores. Edna has trouble relating to Stacey. It also comes out that Brandon is Russell’s nephew. Brandon has another little cry.

Votes to Evict

Albert Stacey
Brandon Stacey
Coach Stacey
Edna Stacey
Mikayla Stacey
Rick Stacey
Sophie Stacey
Stacey Edna

Stacey is evicted by a 7-1 vote. The tribe tries to hug her, but she shrugs it off.

* * * * *

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