Big Brother UK S12E35 (Channel 5)

Jem looks like an older, trashier and bossier version of Faye. Faye tells Aaron to stop being a pussy and talk to her sister.

Jay, Anton, and Harry are talking about the Wolfpack and the Purple Koalas.

Aaron and Tom are talking about Jem. When Jay joins the condo, Aaron leaves.

Aaron is excited about Jem being in the house. It makes Faye happy, and that makes him happy. It’s also like meeting the parents and it’s important that Jem likes him.

Jem tells Faye that Aaron might be pretending to like her. He might be saying different things in the diary room. This upsets Faye and she says that her BB experience might be worse now that Jem is in the house because of comments like that.

Aaron hasn’t spoken to Jay in three days. Jay is offloading to fellow Geordie Alex. Alex likes him.

Faye wants Aaron to come clean. He hasn’t had sex for 7 years and has had sex with only 4 people.

The HM play hide the banana. Jay chucks it over the wall and Alex has to find it.

Jem and Aaron are talking. She says that he has been a player in the house. He says that he hasn’t. He tells her that he genuinely likes Faye.

For today’s task, BB has installed a big buzzer in the living room with no instructions. Harry immediately presses it an music starts playing. They start dancing.

Faye and Jem are called to the diary room. They have to construct a house of cards. This is in front of a fan. Each time the HM press the buzzer, the fan starts. The reward is a takeaway dinner.

The sisters start bickering immediately. Jem finds it funny. They complete it but the fan starts again. BB says that they succeeded. Faye decides to have a joke. They tell the HM that they had to decide who would stay or go between them and Jemma is staying.

Aaron and Faye are talking about Jem. Aaron says that he talked to her and told her everything.

Jay is talking to BB about Aaron. Jay is serenading Lou in the bathroom.

Jem comes to the diary room to talk about Jay. She likes him. She doesn’t want Faye to get hurt. Lou is giving BB an update on Jay.

Later, Jay and Lou are having a heart to heart in bed. Jay says that he likes her a lot.

* * * * *

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