Terra Nova What Remains S01E04 (Fox)

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It took some time, but I’m glad that we managed to see Terra Nova. The pilot had been delayed for a while, ever since last May. I didn’t expect much, since I don’t really keep apprised of the latest TV news, but I was happily surprised with the pilot. The setting is quite interesting. While the future 2149 setting isn’t really that important, it set the mood nicely. It was a sort of Big Brother-like future, where people weren’t allowed to have many children and the Earth was becoming non-sustainable for human life. The time fracture, opening 85 million years into the past, allows different pilgrimages to settle in healthy biosphere, but populated by dinosaurs. I like the fact that this isn’t the same timeline as before. They entered another worldine, which is the only way that this could make sense.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This episode was all right. It wasn’t as good as the pilot or the previous episode, but we saw some interesting tidbits. Apparently, Terra Nova can communicate with the 2149 sporadically. The people who are able to are the Sixers and they are in contact with their mole. Josh is working in the mole’s bar.

* * * * *

Some douchebag is playing with a scarab. The scarab goes out into the wild and so does he. It doesn’t take him long to be eaten by a dino.

Taylor and Elizabeth are going to check it out. The station has been incommunicado for a while.

When they arrive, they find the gate open. They find some survivors, but they are acting strangely. They don’t know that they are on Terra Nova. Elizabeth says that it’s some kind of dissociative disorder. The douchebag is fine on the VT. He says that it’s happening to him as with the others. It’s some kind of pathogen. He’s a researcher. They find his remains.

Josh is hanging out with Skye. They flirt and kiss. Then Josh says that he can’t do this because of the way he left things with Kara. Skye says that she might know a guy who could help him to get Kara here.

Skye takes him to meet some dude. He implies that they can communicate with the other side of the portal. They don’t have to wait until the next pilgrimage.

The pathogen has started to affect Liz.

The next day, Jim is worried about Elizabeth. He learns from Washington that Outpost 3 is under general quarantine. Jim wants to use Malcolm’s rover to see what’s up. He agrees, but only if he comes with him. Jim has caught Zoe’s cold.

Jim and Malcolm arrive at Outpost 3. Liz shoots Jim with a sonic disruptor and then recognizes Malcolm. Liz has lost the last 20 years. She thinks that she is at uni.

Jim goes to chase off the oversaurs, but comes across a loony Taylor. He wants to find Ayani, his wife, and his son. He thinks that he’s in 2138 in Somalia.

Liz discovers that someone in the lab was experimenting with illicit gene therapy. Jim seems somewhat immune to the pathogen.

Taylor is trying to get to Terra Nova. If he does, he’ll infect the colony. He arrives at Terra Nova.

Doctor Joslyn Douglas was looking for a cure for a disease he’s suffering from. He tried to use gene therapy, but the virus he used must have mutated and changed.

Jim is still non-symptomatic. Liz thinks that it’s because of Malcolm cold cure. Jim has been chewing on some root. It’s the cold, not the root. Jim kisses Liz to infect her.

When Wash is confronted by Taylor, he quickly realizes that his wife is dead. He was about to slit his own throat when Wash uses her sonic on him.

Everyone recovers.

The dude that Skye contacted is working for the Sixers. The Sixers are able to get messages through. He says that a kid wants to get a message through to his girl. Mira says that this is an opportunity.

* * * * *

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