The Amazing Race Don’t Lay Down On Me Now S19E03 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams will join a team of local bicycle enthusiasts. All of the teams depart within an hour of each other.

They must travel to a restaurant by taxi in the countryside. Jen crashes into a pedestrian. Ernie loses a pedal. They are passed by Liz/Marie and Jeremy/Sandy. Then Bill/Cathi pass them as well. Justin/Jen pass them as well.

They face a Detour. It’s either Rice Field or Grass Fed. In Rice Field, they must deliver the meals to local farmers. While they eat their lunch, the teams must plant 300 rice seedlings.

In Grass Fed, they must fill two bags with fresh-cut grass. Then pick up two sheep and bring both to a shed. Then they must collect 6 buckets of water.

Andy/Tommy do Grass Fed. They have to head back to fill up their sacks. Laurence/Zac do Grass Fed asa well. Andy/Tommy are still in the lead. Laurence/Zac were using 3 buckets. They were supposed to use only 2.

Teams will travel to Borobudur. Cool!

Almost all of the teams to Grass Fed except the twins and Kaylani/Lisa. Sandy, Cathi, and Lisa fall into the water. Cathi keeps falling down. I count at least 4 falls.

Amami/Marcus are lost. Andy/Tommy and Laurence/Zac arrive at Borobudur. They face a Roadblock. Teams must count Buddha statues. Laurence and Andy work together to complete the task.

Kaylani/Lisa and Liz/Marie leave for Borobudur. Amani/Marcus do Grass Fed. They have to head back to fill up their bags. Instead, they switch Detours.

Bill/Cathi leave for Borobudur.

At the Roadblock, Laurence and Andy realize that they must remember what hand positions the Buddha statues used.

Jeremy/Sandy’s taxi breaks down. Ernie, Justin, and Bill do the Roadblock. Ernie and Justin are counting the wrong things.

Amani/Marcus leave for Borobudur.

Laurence/Zac finish the Detour. They must search the grounds for the pit stop. Andy/Tommy do the same. They must settle their bill with the cab. Andy/Tommy give Amani/Marcus the count. I don’t know why they did that. By the time they get to the top of the temple, they don’t remember anything. Marcus does it.

Laurence/Zac finish 1st. They face a penalty for using 4 buckets instead of 2. They get a 15 min penalty. Andy/Tommy finish 2nd. Because of the penalty they finish 1st. They win a trip for two to Dubai. They think about gifting the trips to Laurence/Zac, but they have to face their wives.

Ernie finally figures out what they have to count. Liz, Ernie, Justin, and Jeremy work together. They each count one of the types of Buddhas. Kaylani works with Marcus.

Bill gets the count right and they leave for the pit stop. Justin/Jen leave right after. Ernie/Cindy follow. Liz/Marie follow as well.

Some of the teams have to get their bags or settle their bills with their bags. Jeremy/Sandy finish 3rd. Justin/Jen finish 4th. Ernie/Cindy finish 5th. Amani/Marcus finish 6th. Bill/Cathi finish 7th. Liz/Marie finish 8th. Kaylani/Lisa finish last. They are eliminated.

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