2012 TCR Advanced Frame Upgrades & Available Models

2012 TCR Advanced 0

The TCR Advanced has a conventional seatmast and is supposed to be 15% more comfortable because of this. It is made out of Toray’s T-700 fibers. The dropouts and bottom bracket sleeve is made out of aluminum, and the whole design uses a more modular monocoque construction.

2012 TCR Advanced 0

The claimed weight of the frame drops from 968g to 908g, and the new fork adds only an extra 368g. It comes in a women’s-specific version with a slightly longer head tube and shortened top tube. There are three models available in Taiwan (plus another model for the women’s-specific line). The top range TCR Advanced 0 comes with Shimano Ultegra Di2, which is great way to get into the electronic gruppos.


US MSRP for the 2012 TCR Advanced 0 is $4,550 USD. As with the TCR Advanced SL models, Giant now uses their own wheels, lowering the overall cost of the complete bikes. The US MSRP for the frame is $1,700 USD, while the Advanced 1 costs $3,700 USD and the Advanced 3 costs $3,050 USD.

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