My Daily Tweets 10.17.11

  • @danieljordahl uninstall any pirated/hacked apps, that’s what I did. 16 seconds ago
  • Curing the Copy & Paste Headaches Between Apps 2 minutes ago
  • Papernomad Cases: Sustainable Cases and Bags Made Out of Paper 4 minutes ago
  • Done for the day. Time for some sashimi and R&R 13 hours ago
  • Traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi decreased significantly during the BlackBerry outage. #cars via @percolate 14 hours ago
  • Another Differential Geometry conference in Hsinchu next week. I can attend Monday, maybe Tuesday. 14 hours ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Eniko Mihalik by Marton Perlaki for The Room Magazine #10,… 14 hours ago
  • Glee S03E01 was OK. 14 hours ago
  • Didnt really like Glee Ep2. 14 hours ago
  • Jeffrey Eugenides’s “act of literary adultery” that created The Marriage Plot. Fascinating! 14 hours ago
  • We’re planning on a 3-week trip this Christmas to celebrate 10 years together. Angkor Wat, the Plain of Jars, and hopefully Borobudur. 14 hours ago
  • My last vacation was in 2007. I went to Thailand with my wife for 10 days. 14 hours ago
  • Is it me, or does House look a lot older in the new and final series? 14 hours ago
  • I picked up some German yogurts at the Carrefour from Weitiger. Pretty cool. 14 hours ago
  • He makes the class worse for everyone. Wouldn’t mind him changing classes to Grade 3. 14 hours ago
  • Whatever. Kid needs to grow up and work harder. Pisses me off sometimes. The new student, who joined the class today was even able to do it. 14 hours ago
  • Serves him right. Other kids, who’s English is worse, were able to do the assignment easily enough. He just kept saying he didn’t know. 14 hours ago
  • Writing grade 2 class is always a shambles for Allen. He’s a lazy but smart kid, who never wants to make the effort. Today he cried. 14 hours ago
  • Coffee barely woke me up. I needed something else at work. 14 hours ago
  • Floatr iPhone Stand Has Bendy Legs That Will Grab Hold Almost Anywhere 14 hours ago
  • I’ll have some coffee before I go to work. I’ll have time to froth some milk too. 21 hours ago
  • Still haven’t eaten today so I’ll have a mango smoothie. 21 hours ago
  • “You’re making me seem like a fool to your internet people.” “You said ‘maple syrup for dipping.'” “Maple syrup for everything! But still.” 21 hours ago
  • Me: “Oh, wow, look at all these apple slices.” (Points at a bowl.) “What’s this?” Her: “That’s maple syrup for dipping.” Dinner, by Stacey™ 21 hours ago
  • Designer vagina surgery: snip, stitch, kerching! via @guardian 22 hours ago
  • World War II: The Holocaust – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 22 hours ago
  • First Monday morning in months that I slept in, except for the holidays. 22 hours ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Janell Shirtcliff by Olivia Malone for The Contributing Editor,… 22 hours ago
  • In journalism, don’t call the person you are interviewing a fucking asshole. James Frey on the future of the written… 17 Oct
  • My Daily Tweets 10.16.11 22 hours ago

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