Big Brother UK S1248-49 (Channel 5)

The nominations twist isn’t that good because the votes this year are to save, not to evict. So Jay and Anton will have had more days to get votes. Harry and Jem will have had the least time nominated, so they are more probable to get evicted.

If Jem gets evicted, it won’t be a big loss.

Lou and Jay are still in bed. She’s still thinking about Harry saying that she was thick.

Aaron asks Jay about what they heard. Anton is enjoying what is going on. He’s boasting in the diary room. Harry is trying to make amends with Lou. He apologizes.

Aaron is reading out the shopping list. The HM overspent so BB had to remove some items. All of the alcohol is off the list. Jem and Faye get called to the diary room. In order to win some drinks, they need to drink fizzy pop and burp in Aaron’s face.

I can’t do it, he’ll dump me.

They can do up to 15 burps to win 15 drinks. There are hidden supplies in the house to help them burp more. Faye starts burping in Aaron’s face right away. Followed why Jem. Jem does it once again. And again. Aaron tells Faye that he wants Jem to go.

Jem thinks that Aaron is a dickhead. Jem says that she doesn’t like him. Jem says that everyone will think that Aaron is a dickhead. Jem ends up upsetting Faye because she says that everyone in the house also thinks that Aaron is a dickhead. Faye told Jem that it was no longer worth it.

Faye is feeling deflated and has abandoned the task. The sisters are only 2 burps away from victory. Aaron says that Jem has got a speaking ban for life.

Jem comes out of the diary room and burps on Aaron. Aaron doesn’t even acknowledge her. Jem says that it’s just illness. Jem tells Faye that she’s leaving before the eviction process. Jem continues to burp. Faye doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Later she has a cry. She says that she isn’t happy.

Tom and Alex are arguing about fashion.

Aaron is in the diary room. He’s disgusted by Jem. He can’t cope with it.

I’m being bullied by burps.

Jem comes to the diary room. She says she wants to go home. Aaron is consoling Faye, who’s crying. Jem says that if Aaron leaves, it will be all right between her and her sister. She’s starting to hate Aaron.

BB makes an announcement. They are told about Jem and Faye’s secret task.

Aaron comes to the diary room. He feels embarrassed how he behaved towards Jemma. Jem tells the HM that she wants to go. Then, Aaron sulks in the bedroom.

Eviction Night S12E49

Anton gets a load of boos. Harry gets some boos, but more cheers. Jay is getting a lot more boos than last week. Jem gets quite a few boos.

Harry is the first safe HM. It’s amazing that he was nominated for such a short time and got the most votes to be saved. Jem is the next safe HM. I’m impressed. It’s either Jay or Anton that is leaving. Anton is evicted. He’s greeted by boos.

Neither Harry nor Jemma thought they would be saved. They are in the diary room talking to BB about it.

His exit interview is boring. The HM get his farewell message. It was a nice message.

* * * * *

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