Big Brother UK S12E43 (Channel 5)

The HM went on a rampage last night. The house looks trashed. Some of the HM are cleaning. Aaron is still pissed off. He stomps off to the diary room. He should get over it. He won’t be helping and he goes back to bed. The HM are getting annoyed with his attitude.

The HM get the chance to get a letter from home. They have to disarm a bomb each to receive it. Anton gets a letter from his baby sister. Aaron walked away when Jay read it. Aaron is acting a bit like a prick.

The clues are nasty comments from other HM that stem from the diary room. Aaron spends a lot of time in the bathroom, avoiding people reading their letters.

Aaron is still in the bathroom. He is talking to Faye. He’s menstruating. He says that he doesn’t trust people. He kind of implies that Faye is two-faced. Tom is telling Lou that he’s getting sick of it. Alex agrees. Aaron gets like this once or twice a week.

Aaron is falling out with Faye. Tom tells Jem that Faye should just stop her relationship with Aaron. Jem agrees, but won’t tell her. She asks Tom to say something. Faye comes to the diary room to cry.

Aaron has joined the group again. For Harry’s letter, Jay and Anton don’t know who made the nasty comment. Harry doesn’t get it because Jay couldn’t remember his nasty words. What an asshole! Was it on purpose?

Harry is gutted in the diary room. The HM are talking about him. BB tells Harry that the letter was from his girlfriend. That makes him even more upset. He leaves the diary room and has another cry in the toilet.

All of the HM get letters except Harry. Aaron gets a picture from his son.

Alex is consoling Harry. Aaron tries to apologize to Faye. She says that she has trouble with what he said because he really hurt her and upset her.

Aaron and Anton are talking. Aaron is trying to build bridges. Anton is talking about his gameplay and being a villain. He should just be himself.

Jay and Lou are chatting in bed.

Faye and Aaron are having another quiet chat.

Anton tells BB that he will embrace being a villain.

* * * * *

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