Big Brother UK S12E44 (Channel 5)

Late last night, Jay left another romantic message in blood for Lou. She’s impressed. They sealed the deal in bed. The next day, Lou isn’t freaking out. She still finds it romantic. Anton is actually giving her good advice. Alex agrees.

They both come to the diary room to share their love.

I feel like a pervert around him.

Aaron and Harry are in the sauna talking about Anton. Anton is a shitty villain. Anton tells BB that Harry’s game is superb and he’d like to get Harry nominated this week.

Aaron is making bedroom art, Jay-style for Faye. It spells out A 4 F. Anton tells Faye that it was him. Faye believes him for a few moments until Aaron walks in.

Faye is quizzing Aaron on his true feelings. Faye forgives Aaron for telling her that he didn’t trust her yesterday.

Watching Alex eat is kind of disgusting. Harry asks her if she ever closes her mouth while chewing. She doesn’t really is able to close her mouth.

Jay and Lou can’t escape the cameras. That’s Big Brother. You shouldn’t have come into the BBUK house if that was a problem.

Faye and Aaron snog in the store room.

For today’s task, HM have to fit the most pegs on their faces. Alex starts to cry midway through. Anton and Jay are last. Lou gets 36. Jem has 37. Alex has 39. Harry and Tom have 40. Faye has 44. Aaron gets 47. He gets a trophy and some champers.

Harry is working out. His cock is moving about. Jem and Faye notice. Tom as well. He tells Lou and Alex. Anton told Aaron that he got it figured it out. He thinks that Aaron, himself and Faye will be nominated. The HM talk about the noms. Faye says that it’s all about strategic nominations. Harry says that he would never vote for Aaron and Faye, because they are his closest friends.

Faye is talking about body piercing. She wants her nipples pierced but not her fanny. Jay asked about the fanny. She says that you lose feeling in your clitoris if you get it pierced.

Lou has got cabin fever. She confides in Anton and goes to see BB. Aaron and Jay are talking in the garden.

Faye tells big sis Jem that she needs to have more fun and enjoy the opportunity of being in the BBUK house. Jem is in the diary room. She says that Faye is being nice to her. Faye is looking out for Jem. Jem says that she loves Faye so much. She starts to cry. She enjoys being with Faye.

Lou and Alex are talking. Lou is having a bad day.

Aaron and Faye are snogging in the bedroom. Jem comes looking for Faye and Aaron. Jem asks Aaron if he respects Faye. He says yes. Aaron says that he really likes Faye.

Jay is at it again. He makes another message for Lou. It says B Happy Loo. He uses tin foil and hairspray. It makes Lou very happy. She’s almost at a loss for words. Jay tells her that every time he felt down, Lou has lifted him out. Jay is told how to spell Lou. It’s not loo, as in the toilet. Jay tells Lou a story.

Anton is in the diary room. He says that he’s throwing in the towel. Everyone is too nice in the house.

* * * * *

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