Big Brother UK S12E46 (Channel 5)

Anton and Jay are haunting the BBUK house. While the HM are sleeping, the ghosts use the garden and sauna. They have some good food.

The HM are woken up by a screaming alarm. BB delivers instructions for the shopping task. HM must not scream. They are allowed 3 screams all day. Success in the shopping tasks rests with the undead HM. BB tells Anton and Jay that the HM need to scream more than 3 times in order to pass the task.

Lou is in the diary room. She misses Jay. She thinks he left, but the HM believe the opposite.

Anton and Jay choose Lou first to be scared. The shower water turns red. She was naked and Harry peaked. Tom screams when he sees something in the mirror.

Anton chooses Lou to go to the diary room and get plunged into darkness. When the lights go back on, she won’t be alone. Anton is an idiot. He should have chosen Alex. Lou doesn’t even batt an eye when she sees the costumed man.

Alex screams when she sees something in the mirror.

Aaron and Harry talk about Anton in the sauna. Anton is listening in.

Jay thinks that watching the HM is like watching paint dry. When he gets back into the house, he plans on spicing things up.

Jem is in the diary room talking about Aaron. She thinks that he’s playing a game. She isn’t sure.

Aaron and Faye are under the covers. Faye wonders what her mum will think of him. Aaron says that he’s not going to rip her clothes. Faye thinks that it’s saucy. He says that he plans on doing it on the outside.

Jem grabs Faye and shares her concerns about Aaron. Anton and Jay are rejoicing. She wonders if Aaron is creating dramas for the show to highlight their relationship on air. Anton wants to use this when they get back into the house to turn the HM against Aaron.

Anton and Jay choose Aaron for their next target. Aaron says that he misses them. There are a few dead bodies in the corridor. One of them tries to grab Aaron and he squeals.

Alex is called to the diary room. She starts crying even before she’s in the diary room. BB tells Alex that BB brought her pet Chihuahua from Newcastle over. It’s in the small task room. BB calls in Tom to make Alex feel better. He stubs his toe coming in.

It’s Tashie in a cage. Alex is embarrassed.

Harry is called to the diary room to get scared by Anton and Jay. Faye squeals loudly. That’s another scream. They failed/passed the task already. Some spiders come popping down. Harry didn’t scream.

Anton does talk a whole lot of crap. Even Jay is getting annoyed.

* * * * *

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