Grimm Pilot S01E01 (NBC)

Grimm intertitle, via Wikipedia

The show reminds me of the Jasper Fforde novels, Nursery Crime Division, and although I expected the creatures to be out in the open, once I started watching it I realized that it’s about how they remain hidden from sight from everyone but people of the Grimm family. The protagonist, Nick Burnhardt is a Grimm. He recently learned this from his aunt Marie, but she’s in a coma and can’t help him much. During the pilot, he runs into a reformed Big Bad Wolf who helps him chase down another Big Bad Wolf.

Warning: spoilers ahead

The show was interesting, but I wonder how it will develop over the next few episodes. It’s hard to say whether it will just turn into another Buffy-clone or if it will be something worthwhile. Honestly, I would have preferred a more blatant rip of Japser Fforde’s stuff. That would have been a lot more interesting.

* * * * *

Red Riding Hood goes running and gets mauled by a wolf. The concept of this show reminds me of the Jasper Fforde Nursery Crime novels.

Two cops are called to the scene. They are shown an arm and some torn up clothes. They found a boot print. The girl was killed by some animal. This is the second case like this.

I didn’t know you couldn’t sing.

Nick sees some strange things. I can’t tell if they are real or imagined for now. They are trying to figure out if this is an animal attack or a homicide.

They have a missing person. She went out jogging this morning. Her name is Sylvie Oster. Nick is about to propose to his girlfriend.

Nick discovers his Aunt Marie came over. She’s got something to tell him. She says that he has to end it with Juliette and never see her again. The curse of his family is starting to manifest upon him. Some creature attacks them while they are taking a walk. Nick shoots it a lot of times. When it falls dead, its face changes back to a man’s.

They are after Aunt Marie. She gives him a strange necklace. His parents weren’t killed in a crash. They were killed. Before giving him any more answers, she falls unconscious.

The cops arrive. Nick tells Hank almost everything. The dead guy is Hulda and his aunt knew him.

At the hospital, the aunt regains consciousness. She tells him that the fairytales are real. They have the ability to see reality when they cannot control themselves. They are of the Grimm family.

The necklace is a key. The aunt told him to check out her trailer. All of the answers are hidden inside. The scythe is inscribed with ‘Reapers of the Grimms’. Holder was an accountant, but his prints match a rapist and murdered, who’s been at it for a while.

Nick checks out his aunt’s trailer. He finds weapons and a grimoire. He’s been seeing a Hexenbiest.

Marie is in a coma. Her body is covered in scars. She was a librarian.

The Big Bad Wolf strikes again when he comes across a little girl wearing a red coat. He abducts her. They find the girl’s backpack. It leads them to a man, but they can’t find the girl.

Nick surveils him and is surprised by the man. He’s a Big Bad Wolf. He no longer kills. Monroe calls himself a reformed Blutbad.

The other Blutbad puts the girl in his cellar. He’s killed many of them before. Nick and Monroe are on his trail. Monroe says that the other Blutbad will just use this time to fatten the girl up. Monroe can’t get closer to the cabin because he’ll lose control.

Nick calls in his partner Hank. They don’t find anything, but Hank notices that the dude was humming the same song as the one on the dead girl’s iPod. The go back inside. The Blutbad tries to get them and tries to escape, but Hank shoots him a few times. They find the girl.

The Hexenbiest comes to kill Marie. She’s working with the captain. Marie survived.





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