Survivor South Pacific Free Agent S23E06 (CBS)

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While Ozzy should have been surprised by the blindside eviction of Elyse, he should have used it to further his game, instead of throwing a hissy fit which alienated him from his alliance. His talk about being a free agent made no sense, since if his tribe decided to get rid of him, they could, even if he has the immunity idol. Ozzy has previously been evicted while holding the idol. He also revealed to everyone that he has the idol, which was another mistake. Christine won another duel, so when she comes back, she won’t be happy. I hope that the people from Redemption will return after the merge, otherwise they’ll most likely get immediately evicted, like Matt in the previous season.

* * * * *

Ozzy is pissed off that his alliance is broken. Ozzy says that he’s a free agent now and he’s playing for himself. He tells everyone that he has the idol.

Whitney thinks that Ozzy needs to man up. Jim says that Ozzy threw a hissy fit.

I hope the continues behaving like a crybaby.
Seriously, he’s behaving like a stupid bitch.

At Upolu, life is good. Brandon finds the clue to the immunity idol. He shows it to Coach and Albert.

He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’ll figure it out eventually.

Coach sees Russell in Brandon, so he’s getting antsy and scared of having him in his alliance.

It’s time for the duel. Ozzy and Keith arrive with Sophie and Rick to witness the duel. Christine has a little cry. I don’t care.

They are playing some shuffleboard. The last person with a puck on the board stays on Redemption Island. Both players start off badly. Christine gives Rick the finger when he tries to encourage her. Christine scores first. Elyse scores as well. 1-1. Christine scores again. 2-1. Elyse knocks off one of her own pucks. It’s 3-1. Christine misses. It’s 3-2. Now it’s tied again, 3-3. Christine wins her fourth duel. That’s impressive. She spent more time on Redemption than in the game.

Both Sophie and Rick are shocked how Christine behaved. They think that she should be nicer. If she comes back, she’ll flip. What did they expect? They voted her off.

Edna is cozying up to Coach. She wants to solidify her alliance with him. Coach thinks that Mikayla is the next to go.

Ozzy talks with Keith. Ozzy regrets telling everyone about the idol. Jim likes having Ozzy around. He helps his tribe win immunity challenges. After the merge, Ozzy will also have a target on his back.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race to assemble a wheelbarrow, which will be pushed to gather some coconuts. Then, the wheelbarrow will be pulled apart to make a slingshot. They will use the coconuts to fire at targets. The reward is an afternoon at a natural waterside and a picnic lunch. Edna sits the challenge out.

The tribes are evenly matched, but Ozzy runs into a post. Upolu has the lead. Rick and Brandon are working well. Dawn and Ozzy are struggling. Upolu has got a good lead. Upolu has started firing shots. Savaii is still dealing with the coconuts. Albert knocks down a target. Keith scores for Savaii. Albert gets another one for Upolu. 2-1. Mikayla uses one hand. It’s annoying Coach. Jim knocks out the second target for Savaii. Albert gets another. Keith gets the third one. It’s tied. Mikayla is wasting shots. Savaii is in the lead. They are up to 5. Jim wins it for Savaii.

Well, Mikayla lost the challenge for Upolu. Her idiotic one-handed launching technique will get her evicted tonight.

Savaii has a good time.

At Upolu, Al tells Mikayla that Coach wants to get rid of her. Al says that he’ll work on Coach. Al talks with Rick and Sophie. I can see the same thing happening at Upolu that happened last week at Savaii. They are planning on getting rid of Edna. However, they haven’t told Brandon or Coach. Al works on Brandon. He easily agrees, but he gave his word so he will vote for Mikayla.

Al and Sophie talk with Coach. Coach says that Mikayla isn’t coachable.

Coach talks with Rick. Al tells Rick that the vote is in hands. He’s the swing vote.

It’s time for tribal. Mikayla denies that Coach asked her to sit out. Jeff is talking about the merge. It’s either about loyalty or numbers in the merge. Brandon starts letting it all out. He says that he gave his word that he would not vote for Edna, and that’s what he’ll do. If they play this game using disloyalty, they should just vote him out. He says that he’d rather keep Mikayla than Edna, but he’ll stick to his word.

It’s black or white, period.
Brandon, talking like a Sith “Only a Sith talks in absolutes.”

Edna is acting too sweet to not be playing us.

Votes to Evict

Albert Edna
Brandon Mikayla
Coach Mikayla
Edna Mikayla
Mikayla Edna
Rick Mikayla
Sophie Edna

Mikayla is voted out by a 4-3 vote.

* * * * *

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50 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific Free Agent S23E06 (CBS)”

  1. They have to vote out Brandon soon. He’s losing it. He’s playing Survivor, not Who’s Going to be Let Into Heaven. I can’t figure that guy out. Has he done something shameful that he can’t forgive himself and now has to follow some religious dogma so he can feel better about himself? What happened to common sense and logic? What happened to being smart about playing the game? Actually, Coach is just like him, only not as feverish. At least Coach allows cracks in his beliefs so he can stay another three days playing the game. Brandon hasn’t figured that out yet. He just cracks under his own thoughts and blows the game for everyone on his alliance. I just saw a preview for next week and it sounds like someone wants to go to Redemption Island. Let me guess, could it be Brandon?

    1. I don’t know, I think it’s actually Ozzy. I used to like Ozzy a lot, but Coach has grown on me. He’s a much maturer player and he knows he’s playing a game to win. He’s playing a long game, but not that long into the future that he sets his sights away from the present.

      He’s managed to keep his alliance intact. If he does keep it this way until the merge, then he can pick off the others, unless the splinter tribe members regroup and take him out. I don’t think that Ozzy will last long.

  2. I agree with you about Ozzy. We all see him now through the eyes of Cochran and it’s not pretty.

    By the way, I just saw on the news that Rupert is running for Governor of Indiana. Can you believe it?

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