The Amazing Race This is Going to Be a Fine Mess S19E04 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams are leaving for Phuket, Thailand. Andy/Tommy help out Laurence/Zac at the airport. They left within 10 minutes of each other. The next team leaves over an hour later. Four teams leave within a few minutes. They are Jeremy/Sand, Justin/Jen, Ernie/Cindy and Amani/Marcus. The other two teams are 15 minutes behind the main bunch.

The teams take the afternoon flight and will arrive at 6:50PM in Phuket. In Jakarta, Andy/Tommy mess around with Laurence/Zac. Their flight arrives at 7:40PM. That’s later than the other teams. Always take the direct flight.

The other teams arrive in Phuket. Bill/Cathi’s taxi driver passes all of the other teams. Andy/Tommy and Laurence/Zac learn that they are 1h behind.

The marina doesn’t open until the next morning at 8AM. It’s an equalizer. All of the teams are together again. Andy/Tommy are the most athletic and get the clue first. They face a Detour. In Coral, they will construct a coral nursery and place it in the ocean. In Beach, they must collect 10 chairs and umbrellas and set them up. Andy/Tommy do Coral. Ernie/Cindy do Beach, as do Liz/Marie and Bill/Cathi. The others do Coral.

All of the teams embark on speedboats. Laurence/Zac switch. Jen and Justin continue to bicker.

The current is pretty strong, but Andy/Tommy are surfers, so they work together to get the job done. They leave quickly. Most of the teams’ coral nursery falls apart.

The teams must now fight Soap Island thanks to the medallion they got. It reminds me of *Goonies*. Justin/Jen pick up on that reference as well.

Liz/Marie are struggling. Jeremy/Sandy’s coral nursery is pretty bad. They decide to switch. Bill/Cathi do the same. Amani/Marcus also change. For an ex-football player, Marcus isn’t in shape at all.

The wind blows the umbrellas away. Liz/Marie entertain the locals with their antics.

Andy/Tommy face a Roadblock. They have to rock climb an island.

Sandy actually helps the twins out. She also messes up their own umbrella and chair placement.

Andy climbs up the rock like a monkey and is down before any other team comes by. They leave for Koh Panyi, the next pit stop.

Jen does the climbing. Ernie/Cindy finish and leave. They are closely followed by Laurence/Zac. Jeremy/Sandy need to work more at their chairs. Amani/Marcus finish and leave. Jeremy/Sandy leave.

Andy/Tommy finish 1st. They win $5,000 each. Justin/Jen finish 2nd.

Ernie/Cindy don’T know where to go. Bill/Cathi leave. Amani will do the climbing as does Zac.

Liz/Marie continue bickering. They have been at it for 3h. Zac finishes the climb and head to the pit stop.

Jeremy climbs. They leave right after Amani/Marcus.

Laurence/Zac are lost at sea. They follow another team.

Jeremy/Sandy finish 3rd. Laurence/Zac finish 4th. Ernie/Cindy finish 5th. Amani/Marcus finish 6th. Bill/Cathi finish 7th. Liz/Marie aren’t eliminated. They fill face a Speed Bump.

* * * * *

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