My Daily Tweets 10.27.11

  • Carolina’s Stylish Corner Workstation & Home Studio 5 minutes ago
  • Shawn Thorsson’s Dead Space 2 RIG Suit Costume: Bet Yours Sucks Compared to His 8 minutes ago
  • Nokia Lumia 800: The Windows iPhone 21 hours ago
  • Drive home at 7:30PM is a lot easier than the drive home at 6:30PM. 23 hours ago
  • The wanking doesn’t bother me. It’s the noise, especially when I am getting ready for bed. 23 hours ago
  • I put Spike in his crate last night because he was wanking off at 1AM. Bad Spike! 23 hours ago
  • Samantha Xu par Grant Yoshino | Voyons Voir – J’aime le frivole… via @voyonsvoir 23 hours ago
  • Still, nothing beats carrying around a paperback to just read anywhere. 23 hours ago
  • Was reading Umberto Eco’s #TheIslandoftheDayBefore but I just wanted to read #1Q84 23 hours ago
  • The New York Times discovers that young Mormons are not entirely ignorant of hipster 23 hours ago
  • Lost of teachers are taking time off at my school. Been subbing a bit this week. 23 hours ago
  • made myself a nice macchiato before going to work. 27 Oct
  • A reckless autonomy… 27 Oct
  • I don’t think I’ll be able to reach 100, but probably 75-ish this year. 27 Oct
  • #1Q84 is the 59th book I’ve read this year. 27 Oct
  • Some people just have to much free time on their hands. They should work more. 27 Oct
  • Google transparency report states that Google refused requests to take down youtube videos of police brutality #ows 27 Oct
  • @Tortue beurk 27 Oct
  • Bangkok Underwater – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 27 Oct
  • All of a sudden, it’s gotten cool in Taipei. 27 Oct
  • You can’t really compare a full 3-part novel with a series of short stories. I don’t know yet if #1Q84 is Murakami’s best, but it’s good. 27 Oct
  • #1Q84 has just started to get strange. 27 Oct
  • Switched editions from the British version to the US version of #1Q84. Now, I just finished Book 1. Still Book 2 & 3 to go. 27 Oct
  • I think I’ll have to get dressed up on Friday morning for the Kindergarten kids. I haven’t changed costumes since 2006. 27 Oct
  • Just to return some books today. I have other things to do. 27 Oct
  • Dealing with returning some library books. My next class is Monday morning in Taipei, so they might be late. I’m not driving into taipei 27 Oct
  • Feeling rested for the first time since last Saturday. 27 Oct
  • “The first reading of a book can be as visceral a pleasure as any of the more corporeal ones.” 27 Oct
  • “As a novelist, Murakami has proven himself to be a world class marathoner.” On 1Q84: 27 Oct
  • Single serving sites and parody Twitter accounts are like new cars in that their funny depreciates 50% as soon as you follow them. 27 Oct
  • My Daily Tweets 10.26.11 27 Oct

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