Big Brother UK S12E51 (Channel 5)

Don’t Jem and Faye realize that they look like idiots with their animal toques? They are about 20 years too old for this to look cute.

Aaron got into Faye’s bed last night. Tom passes a comment to Jem the next morning. Tom says that Faye looks silly. Jem agrees. Tom feels bad for Aaron, because it’s a bit of a headfuck. He doesn’t know whether Faye is coming or join. Tom makes Jay some breakfast. Jem comes to complain to Jay about Faye.

Faye comes to talk with her. It’s going to blow up pretty soon. They have an argument. Jem says that she wants to leave.

Jay tells Lou that he used to be a gigolo.

Faye is confiding in Aaron about her sister. Faye says that she wants to leave so that Jem can have a fun time.

HM have become rowers in an endurance challenge. They are competing to see who can row the longest. The last HM rowing will win the task and get to choose which HM’s audition VTs will be played for all to see.

Jem says that does this for 3hrs every day. None of the HM are impressed. Jay needs to take a wee and gets off. Aaron is now left with Lou and Alex in his team. Lou abandons after 1:44. Jay quit after 57 minutes.

At 3hrs, Tom says that Jay isn’t good at tasks. Aaron says that he hasn’t got the mental strength. Tom is out. Aaron gives up after 4hrs. Harry tells Jem that week 3 was bad for everyone. Jem says that she was feeling down.

They’ve been at it for 5hrs. The sisters are trying to freak Harry out by making animal noises. Harry gives up. Harry says that he’s got indigestion. He tells Aaron that Jem will win. Faye decides to give up because Alex and Jem will continue going. She rowed for 5:34. She takes off her mic and jumps into the pool fully clothed. It’s funny. Faye has got a big smile because she made big sister laugh out loud.

Lou says that she wants to pop out 3 or 4 children.

It’s been 8hrs. Alex doesn’t look tired, but they are both bored.

The HM are impressed by Alex but Jemma will just keep going and going. Jem gives up after she asked Alex if it meant a lot to her. She let Alex win. That was very nice.

Alex picks Aaron, Harry, Faye, and Tom’s. Harry talks about millionaires. Tom talks about sexuality. Faye said that she was hot and fit, but girls don’t like her. Aaron says that he is the chosen one.

I’m a contract manager by day and a ladies’ man by night.

Alex receives an individual prize. It’s a hamper filled with goodies.

Who even rows?

Faye and Aaron are talking about their VTs. Faye thinks that Aaron is hiding something. He doesn’t say anything.

Do you want a chat in the toilet?
Faye coming onto Aaron

Most of the HM are going to bed. Lou falls out of hers. Then, Lou and Jay do some heavy petting. Alex takes a bath. Faye has been on the sofa for the last 17 minutes. Jem is speaking to BB. She wants to leave. No one cares. She comes out and tells Faye that she is leaving. They start bickering. They have been arguing for 73 minutes. They go to the diary room together. Jem starts to cry. BB will let her leave in the morning if she still wants to.

I just checked Digital Spy, and at the time of the writing of this post, Jem still was in the BBUK house. She’s getting boring.

* * * * *

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