Big Brother UK S12E56-57 (Channel 5)

It’s eviction time and I think that Faye will get evicted. She was one of the replacement nominees for Jem, who walked out of the BBUK house. A brand new vote started up when they were nominated.

Faye wakes up in a good mood. Faye and Aaron snuggle and kiss in bed. Tom says that out of all of the HM, he’ll miss Aaron the most. He’ll cry. Alex notices a hole in her shoe. Then she says that they are 2 sizes to small. Harry is flabbergasted. Why does she buy shoes that don’t fit? Alex says that she liked them.

Out of all of the HM, I wouldn’t mind if Jay went. It’s too bad that Lou will be sad because of this. There are 2 weeks left.

For today’s task, HM have become sock wresters. Harry is the King. Lou is Kitten the Killer. Alex is Goldie. Jay is the Dark Destroyer. Faye is Darcy Steele. Tom is the Ankle Biter. Aaron is the referee. HM have to remove each others’ socks. Harry starts out against Lou. Harry wins. Next it’s Alex vs Jay. Jay wins.

Put your hands up if you’ve seen Alex’s fanny.

Faye goes against Tom. Faye is supposed to be a wrestler. Tom is smoking her. She relents because Tom had a hold of her sock. Faye feels some sour grapes for losing to Tom. Aaron comforts her in bed. Aaron winds her up a bit.

Aaron is in the diary room. He thinks that it’s between him and Jay. Harry finishes the washing up that Lou and Alex started. It has been soaking for 7 hours.

Aaron and Jay are talking about the eviction. Jay agrees that Aaron is either going to be top or bottom.

Aaron and Harry are talking about what awaits for them when they leave the BBUK house. Faye is in the bathroom and says that Aaron looks quite hot.

The HM are critiquing Aaron’s dancing technique. BB puts on some music to see Aaron dance. Harry continues the washing up.

Get your dad dance out.
Tom about Aaron

Tom and Alex imitate all of the HM’s dance moves in the diary room. Then, they eat some cookies.

Aaron and Faye are the diary room.

Lou and Jay are snuggling. She tells him that he better wait for him because she will wait for him. Now that’s a bold statement.

All of the HM are in bed. Lou and Jay are snogging. Aaron tells Faye that he loves her. She double checks a few times and he says it again. Then they snog.

Eviction Night S12E47

Faye’s mom is questioned and booed for nominating Aaron. The crowd starts chanting ‘get Faye out’.

Aaron gets boos, Faye gets more boos, Harry gets mitigated cheers, Jay gets even more cheers. The first safe HM is Aaron. The HM hear the chant of ‘get Faye out’. The second safe HM is Jay. It’s between Faye and Harry.

Jem precipitated this situation. Her leaving caused this quandary. If she would have stayed for her eviction an extra day or so, then she would have been evicted.

Aaron is quite shocked that he was saved first once again.

I see her at her worst and her best.

Harry is evicted. Holy crap, that was unexpected. I didn’t think that he would leave. Aaron and Faye start crying. I blame Jem for this. That super bitch.

He gets some nice cheers upon walking out of the house. There are some boos, but they are almost muted by the cheers.

This is the first interview in ages that I’m actually watching through. Harry is shown footage of his confrontation and swearing.

I walk away from every situation but because in the there, I knew no one was going to punch me in the face, I just stepped up.

Then he is shown footage of the bananas disaster. He said he loved every minute of it.

The HM are shown the VT of Harry’s message. It’s very nice and he makes a point of saying that he thinks Lou will go far. The HM think it was lovely.

* * * * *

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