Once Upon a Time S01E01 (ABC)

Once Upon a Time title card via Wikipedia

It comes to me as no surprise that another network has a fairytale-based show. NBC has Grimm and ABC has Once Upon a Time.

More money was injected into the ABC show. I like the ABC show a lot better. Grimm is more of a Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer clone. The main character in Grimm basically learns that he comes from a family of slayers. It’s kind of been done before. Once Upon a Time reminds me of The Neverending Story mixed in with some fairytales. It’s not something that I’ve seen before on network TV, and it’s kind of refreshing. Granted, some of the themes have been explored before, but it’s pretty decent, at least from the pilot.

Warning: spoilers ahead

The show starts with Prince Charming riding to kiss Snow White, but he’s too late. That’s what the dwarves tell him, but he kisses her and brings her back to life. Then they get married. The Queen gatecrashes the wedding. She tells them all that everything they love will be taken away.

Snow White is preggers and paranoid about the Queen. She wants to consult Rumpelstilskin because he can read the future. He wants the name of their unborn child. Snow White agrees to it. He tells her that the Queen’s curse will come to pass. Her child can cure the world. He tells her to get the child to safety. On its 28th birthday, the child will return and it will find her. The child is a girl. Snow White tells him that her name is Emma.

There’s a war council and they are trying to find a way around the curse of the Queen. A fairy comes with an enchanted tree. It can protect only one person. Probably Snow White. Gepetto works on the casket.

When Snow White is about to give birth, the curse manifests. Creatures and a magical mist covers the land.

Snow White wants to put Emma in the wardrobe. Charming is killed after he puts Emma inside. Emma is no longer in the wardrobe when they open it again, moments later.

The Queen comes to gloat.

Some kid on a bus to Boston is reading the story. He takes a taxi by himself.

Emma goes on a blind date with Brian. Emma is a bail bondsman. Brian tries to do a runner, but she catches him. The kid arrives at her door. His name is Henry and he’s her son. She gave up a baby for adoption 10 years ago. He wants to take her home with her. She’s about to call the cops. He comes from Storybrooke, Maine. She drives him back.

They arrive in Storybrooke. Everyone from the Enchanted Forest is trapped in Storybrooke. Time is frozen in Storybrooke. Henry has got a shrink. None of the characters remember that they are fairytales. The shrink is Jiminy Cricket.

The kid is the mayor’s child. The mom is the mayor. She’s also the evil Queen. After a short interview, Emma leaves. She realizes that Henry left his book in her Beetle. Then, she skids to avoid a wolf and has an accident.

Emma wakes up in a jail cell. The Sheriff put her in because he thought she was drunk. The Queen comes in and tells the Sheriff that Henry went missing again. Emma offers to find him. Henry used his teacher’s credit card to find out who his biological mom was. She didn’t know he had swiped her card.

Emma finds Henry. He’s at his fort. She brings him back again. The Queen rubs Emma the wrong way. She lies about loving him.

Prince Charming is in a coma in the local hospital.

Emma goes to a bed and breakfast. Rumpilstilskin is there to collect some money. He owns the town.

Henry watches the town clock and it starts ticking again.

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