Survivor South Pacific Trojan Horse S23E07 (CBS)

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Ozzy comes up with this inane scheme of going to Redemption Island in order to take out Christine. It’s kind of stupid in my opinion, but Cochran, who’s blunder during the challenge once again made him a target, is happy to make this happen. I can appreciate gameplay, but this is a new level of stupid. Even if it works, it’s really insane. He also had to give his immunity idol to Cochran before he left. The smart thing would be if Ozzy was evicted the next time around. Naturally, there might be another 3 days before the merge, so he weakened his tribe and will have to play against one of his tribe mates during the duel. If it’s Cochran, it might be worthwhile, but still. I don’t think anyone else would have come up with this scheme. It’s way too risky.

* * * * *

Brandon has become a liability, and Rick is worried about him.

It’s time for the next duel. Ozzy and Cochran as well as Sophie and Albert are here to witness the duel. They will take apart a crate and build a bridge. Once they cross it, they will take the bridge apart and solve a puzzle. Christine has got the advantage. Albert is trying to help out Mikayla, but Christine is ahead. Christine wins again. That’s impressive. She totally smoked Mikayla.

Ozzy thinks that they should send someone to Redemption to beat Christine and then come back to join the game. That’s a big idiotic gamble. He talks with Cochran. He plans on giving someone the idol to hold onto until he comes back.

Coach thinks that his tribe needs a boost, so he’s planning on telling them that they’ve found the idol. The whole tribe goes looking for the idol. Coach plans on pretending on finding it.

The tribes get clues to the next immunity challenge. They have to adorn themselves in warrior paint and match themselves up into pairs, which will compete together. The winning tribe will get to watch *Jack & Jill*. One of set of twins will be the callers. The others sets of twins will have to be led through obstacles to find some bags. They will be blindfolded. Upolu have the first bag. Albert stumbles into the second bag. Ozzy gets the 2nd bag. Sophie takes a big fall in the ditch. Brandon gets the 3rd bag. Keith catches up. Edna is slowing Brandong down. Savaii has the lead. Cochran has trouble with the rope management. Upolu has the lead again. Savaii still struggling with the ropes.

Albert has got the 4th bag. He has trouble untying it. Ozzy catches up however they slow down. They aren’t hooked in properly. Ozzy has to unhook the rope and re-hook it blindfolded. Upolu wins immunity. Coach shouts at his tribe to get on their knees to pray. Whatever. It’s a bit much. Ozzy is pissed.

Ozzy has a little anger party. It looks bad. Cochran blew the challenge. Upolu liked the movie.

Once Savaii gets back, Ozzy continues to vent.

This was a new level of ostracism.

Ozzy kind of bullies Cochran into accepting to going to Redemption Island. The other tribe members want him to go as well.

They’re not sending a Trojan Horse, they’re sending the court jester.

The next day, Ozzy brings the idol. He puts it around his neck. He shows it to everyone. Ozzy had some crazy dreams. He thinks that he should go to Redemption in order to win. His alliance doesn’t believe in him. It’s because they would probably lose the next few challenges.

It’s time for tribal. Cochran talks about his panic. Ozzy talks about his move of going to Redemption. He’s got a whole story behind the move. He plans on telling Christine that Cochran found the idol and used it to get Ozzy out.

Votes to Evict

Cochran Ozzy
Dawn Ozzy
Jim Ozzy
Keith Ozzy
Ozzy Cochran
Whitney Ozzy

After they vote, Ozzy says that he changed his mind, jokingly. He hands over the idol to Cochran.

Ozzy gets voted out by a unanimous vote. I don’t think this will end well.

* * * * *

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47 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific Trojan Horse S23E07 (CBS)”

  1. I missed some of this episode because I worked late, but what I saw was enough drama to last me another three weeks. I didn’t realize Ozzy had mentioned going to Redemption Island before the challenge. I started watching when Cochran’s rope management failed. I didn’t know who’d won the Redemption Island challenge.

    Oh, I did see Coach pretend to find the Immunity Idol so maybe that was when I came in because I think that was earlier. Anyway, I thought it was ridiculous to pray to find the Immunity Idol. Especially with Coach leading the prayer with the Idol in his back pocket. But Brandon didn’t know that and thought he was having a religious experience. Yes, Brandon, God is watching to make sure you find the Immunity Idol. In fact, God is so addicted to Survivor that He missed lending a hand to all of the victims of natural disasters and starvation in the world just to help Brandon out. I have no problem with thanking one’s God for the life experience of overcoming something to go on to other things, but this whole expectation of God coming to the rescue for a game show contestant makes me ill. If God wants Brandon to win Survivor so much, why can’t He rain a million dollars down on him on the island? Wouldn’t that be easier?

    Now, let’s move to Ozzy and his big move. It is fascinating, but I think it’s a big ego move on his part. He knows his tribe is not behind him anymore, not thinking of him as some kind of god. And that bursts his thinks-he-is-godlike bubble, so the only way out is to manufacture this scheme so he can keep in own ego intact. It’s a weasel move and does not reflect well on Ozzy’s character. Watching the episode, I doubted it will work. I did try to look up some spoilers after that episode but can’t be sure. Of course, I would never divulge what I think will happen based on a spoiler.

    Next week will be interesting. Hope I don’t have to work late to see that one.

    On another note, television network programming in the States (I think you are in another location) has started to air old episodes of 60s, 70s, and 80s programming on several channels. It’s so funny to watch but also some of the writing is far above what passes for television now. I’m watching a Batman episode as I type and I’m shocked at how the batmobile looks like a souped up Chevy painted black. Things always look better in memory. Okay, I have wasted too much of your time. Can’t wait for next week!

    1. Hi, Yep, I don’t watch them on a network channel, I watch them without commercials and download them. Even when I was back home, I did that.

      It was a bit hypocritical, just like Sophie pointed out, to pray to find the idol and lie about it. Coach’s born again rhetoric is getting a bit heavy, and it will no doubt continue.

      I agree with Ozzy, and I’m not sure his “big move” will work. Getting evicted is never good.

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