The Amazing Race I Feel Like I’m in the Circus S19E05 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams will make their way to Under Adventures. There, they must take some elephants to their next clue.

Andy/Tommy are Christian and happy about it. They tell about some verses that they hold dear. Then, they get on some elephants.

The other teams make their way to the elephants. Andy/Tommy find the clue. They face a Roadblock. It requires teams to follow the sound of music. They must search a remote pool for their next clue. Andy and Tommy Roshambo for it. Andy finds it quickly. Teams must go to a local shop, disassemble a thai shrine, and then deliver it to the a temple for their next clue.

Instead of diving in, Justin just uses a stick but he comes up short. Jeremy/Sandy are closely followed by Laurence/Zac.

Andy/Tommy face another Roadblock. They must re-assemble the spirit house. They smartly tried to take a mental snapshot before they took it apart. Tommy has to do this one. They don’t think much about Buddhist temples because they are Christian. That’s what they say in the VT. Tommy has trouble assembling the the spirit house. Tommy has to run back to where they disassembled the spirit house to take a look. He makes a little diagram and heads back. They get the clue and leave for Bangkok. It’s 550 miles. They have to make their way to the Bangkok Noi canal to feed some fish.

Laurence and Sandy get the clues. They leave to disassemble the spirit house.

The twins are leaving a few hours later than the first teams. They are 3 hours behind Andy/Tommy.

Justin/Jen use their driver’s camera phone instead of drawing a diagram. They will face a penalty. I’m sure it’s against the rules. Thanks to the photo, they finish quickly and leave.

Laurence doesn’t want to take any notes. Zac thinks that they should. They’ll have trouble reassembling it.

Jeremy/Sandy leave for Bangkok. Zac has to head back to take some notes. His dad isn’t happy. He’s a bit of a D-bag.

Don’t blame me, it’s your responsibility.

Liz/Marie must complete a Speed Bump. They must wash and clean up after some elephants. They both love elephants. They squeal in delight when they get to clean the elephant. It’s kind of endearing.

Ernie doesn’t think that they should take any notes, but Cindy thinks so. Amani/Marcus face the same problem, but take some notes.

Laurence/Zac head to Bangkok. Amani and Ernie have to reassemble the spirit house. He’s got no idea what it looked like.

Andy/Tommy overpay their driver by thousands of Baht. They paid the dude $150. All of the teams are overcharged.

Andy/Tommy, Justin/Jen and Jeremy/Sandy are on the same bus. Laurence/Zac are on another one that leaves at the same time. They are on the first class bus. They leave the bus after a while and head back to the bus terminal. The rules state that they cannot travel on 1st class planes, but they interpret that they can’t travel on 1st class buses which is stupid.

Ernie still has trouble with the spirit house. He has to go back. Amani is finished. They leave for Bangkok. Bill/Cathi catch up with Ernie/Cindy. They are still behind them though. Ernie/Cindy try to pay in USD, but their driver isn’t having it. Some annoying woman butts in, but they were underpaying their driver by $50.

Liz/Marie are brining up the rear.

Amani/Marcus and Bill/Cathi get on the 5:30PM.

Laurence/Zac are now on a 8PM bus to Bangkok. The twins might catch up. They don’t. They also have money trouble. They almost miss their bus. The cab driver is driving them to their bus.

All teams are making their way to Bangkok.

Ernie/Cindy are 1st in Bangkok because they took an express bus.  The other teams follow but hit traffic.

Ernie/Cindy head to MR Kukrit’s Heritage Home, the next pit stop for this leg of the race. They ditch their taxi because it’s struck in traffic.

Bill/Cathi and Amani/Marcus are in 2nd and 3rd place.

Liz/Marie jog to the canal because they no longer have any money. They learn that it’s a five-hour walk. They don’t want to beg, which is ridiculous. A taxi driver accepts to drive them for nothing.

Amani/Marcus finish 1st. Bill/Cathi finish 2nd. The Thai woman welcoming them is somewhat surprised at their exuberant display. They win a trip for two to Bali. Ernie/Cindy are 3rd.

Andy/Tommy and Jeremy/Sandy head to the pit stop. They are followed by Justin/Jen.

Instead of taking a cab, Andy/Tommy run and have to ask for directions. They waste time. Why didn’t they just get into a taxi? A teacher took their clue and went to teach. They have to wait for their clue. They talk about God. An English teacher helps them with a Google Map.

Justin/Jen finish 4th. They didn’t get a penalty. Jeremy/Sandy also decide to run for some reason. They are lost. They are told that it’s 30 minutes away on foot.

Liz/Marie feed the fish and head to the pit stop. Another cab driver gives them a free ride. That was very nice.

Andy/Tommy finish 5th and Laurence/Zac are 6th. Phil tells them that the 1st class rule applies only to air travel, not buses. Laurence feels like a dumbo.

Jeremy/Sandy finish 7th. Liz/Marie finish last and are eliminated.

* * * * *

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