Big Brother UK S12E58 (Channel 5)

There are 14 days left in BBUK. The board has changed. There is a suitcase filled with money on it and four green spots for the four finalists.

I want to snort ya armpits and sweat.
Jay to Lou

All of the HM come to the diary room. They’d like to win it. They all think that Harry wants to win it the most, which is why he’ll get evicted later. Tom thinks that Alex will win.

With £100K, I’ll just buy loads of cats.

Jay is obsessing about the money with Aaron. Jay says that he could make millions with the prize money. Faye tells Tom and Alex that she dreamt that they were snogging. She doesn’t know that they were snogging for realz. Something’s been going on under the covers.

Lou is telling BB what she likes about Jay. Last night, Jay wiped his ass on Lou’s pillow. Lou says that she liked it. Aaron and Harry have trouble considering that shitting in somebody’s bed is romantic.

Aaron is talking about his past. Faye is surprised to hear some of the things that happened. Jay and Lou are snuggling in the bed.

Van Dyke was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, you mean Van Gogh.
Harry to Alex

Lou is called to the diary room. She has to get 4 correct things about the HM. For the first few questions, she always answers Aaron. Then she gets 2 right. Jay apparently spent £55K on a car. Alex shortchanged a blind woman so that she could buy her own lunch. She passes the task.

Both Aaron and Jay go for a smoke. They have trouble believing that Alex did that.

Lou and Alex are getting ready for eviction night. They’re not even nominated.

BB has gathered the HM for the eviction. Harry is evicted.

Faye is feeling guilty about staying. Aaron is trying to make her feel better. Tom gets a hug from Alex. Jay is drinking lagers with Lou and burping. Alex is crying in the diary room. Then, Alex and Faye are crying together in the bedroom. It’s not like he died. He was evicted.

Tom and Jay think that Aaron will win.

* * * * *

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