Month: November 2011

  • Using Large Monitors & HDTVs with Your Workstation

    With the price of HDTVs of all kind going down to affordable levels, it makes sense for the modern home office to have one large display. These displays can be used to stream media, play video games or just for extra screen real estate when you feel like you’re getting cramped. Read Full Post

  • My Daily Tweets 11.29.11

    @typefiend I started up my graduate degree in math years after I finished my undergrad, almost a decade. However, it sparked an interest 43 seconds ago I”m hoping that Christmas will be better, but it’s not looking good. 8 hours ago  My Thanksgiving was more of a shitsgiving. 8 hours ago Still have to order…

  • American Standards Lamp Has Its Own Wall Switch and Outlet

    Peter Bristol’s minimal American Standards Lamp has its own walls switch built right in. The light switch is fully-functional, so you just flick it when you want some light. Read more @ Technabob

  • A Mouse That’s a Battery and Eyeglasses for Your Cell Phone

    While touchscreens and trackpads might be what people yearn for, the reality is that most of us still have to use computer mice in some fashion. This is why Nendo designed this mouse that looks like a “D”-cell battery. Need I say more? Read more @ Technabob

  • My Daily Tweets 11.28.11

    Darpa FastRunner Robot: Who’s the Fastest of Them All? 3 minutes ago Terry’s Glass Expanse DeskTops – The Best of Readers’ Desks 3 minutes ago Tom Samui’s Junk Elf: from Recycled Car Parts, Not from Rivendell 11 hours ago Today I pour one in memory of the great Ken Russell, who laid…

  • Terry’s Glass Expanse DeskTops – The Best of Readers’ Desks

    Using a glass desk can be fraught with challenges, especially when you want to keep your work surface clutter-free. Since this desk didn’t come with a keyboard tray, Terry came up with an interesting solution to store his keyboard, mouse, and Trackpad. All in all, the result leaves a lot of free desk real estate,…

  • Darpa FastRunner Robot: Who’s the Fastest of Them All?

    Did you ever think that people would make a robot inspired by an ostrich? Well DARPA has those kinds of people and they think that their ‘bot will beat all others in terms of speed and stability, thanks to some high-tech wizardry. Read more @ Technabob

  • Tom Samui’s Junk Elf: from Recycled Car Parts, Not from Rivendell

    Swiss artist Tom Samui has been creating junkyard wonders for the last decade or so. He works with a team of 15 people creating these amazing sculptures made out of recycled automobile parts, like this intricate elf: Read more @ Technabob

  • My Daily Tweets 11.27.11

    Harrier and Jaguar Jets Crash into the Tate Britain 19 minutes ago Eclipse DECT Phone: Cool Shape, But Who Needs It? 22 minutes ago The Walking Dead Secrets S02E06 (AMC) 12 hours ago The Walking Dead Chupacabra S02E05 (AMC) 13 hours ago Fringe Wallflower S04E07 (Fox) 13 hours ago i…

  • Harrier and Jaguar Jets Crash into the Tate Britain

    Fiona Banner is an English artist, and her most spectacular pieces of art have to be these two jets she had installed in the Tate Britain modern art museum. Read more @ Technabob