The Amazing Race We Love Your Country Already It Is Very Spacious S19E06 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams are going to Malawi, Africa. They must make their way to a tobacco warehouse. Jeremy/Sandy depart 2.5 hours after the first teams but that doesn’t matter because everyone is on the same flight.

Malawi is one of the least developed countries in the world. The main export is tobacco.

Jeremy/Sandy arrive first. They face a Roadblock. They must wear a uniform and steer bales of tobacco through the warehouse. They must transport 10×200 lbs tobacco bales. Ernie and Justin do this Roadblock. It’s chaos. Jeremy has a lot of fun. The workers are chanting and trying to distract the racers. Laurence and Tommy do it.

Amani/Marcus and Bill/Cathi are stuck in traffic. Then Amani/Marcus gets lost. Tommy has got 4 bales. Laurence has got 3. Justin has got 7. Ernie and Justin have got the same number. Jeremy finishes and they leave. They must make their way to Memorial Tower to find their next clue.

It was hard to breathe in there without doing anything.

Ernie and Justin finish followed by Tommy. Teams face a Detour. They have to choose between All Sewn Up or Not Grown Up. In All Sewn Up, they must make their way to a tailor shop and stitch the unfinished suit for a customer. When the customer is satisfied, he will hand over a clue. In Not Grown Up, they will visit a clue. They will use scrap materials to build a traditional toy truck. Jeremy/Sandy do Not Grown Up.

Ernie/Cindy do All Sewn Up. Justin/Jen do Not Grown Up. Andy/Tommy do the trucks. As do Laurence/Zac.

Bill finishes before Marcus. They leave. Marcus still has 2 left.

Ernie/Cindy’s cab can’t find the tailor shop. Bill/Cathi decide to sew.

Justin is a physician. He analyzes the truck and breaks it up. Amani decides to sew. Sandy is a Nurse. Laurence is pretty chauvinistic. His dated attitudes make him look like a dick.

Bill/Cathi catch up with Ernie/Cindy. Cathi is pretty quick. Jeremy/Sandy finish first. They must find a roadside market. Justing/Jen leads as well. Andy/Tommy go as well.

Ernie/Cindy leave the tailor. They are in 4th. Bill/Cathi leave as well. They are 6th, behind Laurence/Zac and Ernie/Cindy.

Teams must transport and carry two locally handcrafted beds to Kumbali Village, their next pit stop.

Andy/Tommy move up in the queue for trucks. They leave ahead of Jeremy/Sandy.

Amani/Marcus are last. Their cab breaks down. Laurence/Zac didn’t read the clue again and try to get their beds into their cab.

Justin/Jen are first. Andy/Tommy are 2nd. Justin/Jen didn’t pay their truck driver, so they need to go back and pay him. Andy/Tommy finish 1st. They win a trip to a private island in the British Islands.

Bill/Cathi don’t pay their driver. Cindy has got problems carrying her bed.

Bill/Cathi pass Jeremy/Sandy. Laurence/Zac pass Ernie/Cindy. Justin/Jen are 2nd. Bill/Cathi are sent back to pay their driver. Jeremy/Sandy are 3rd. Laurence/Zac are 4th. Ernie/Cindy are 5th. Bill/Cathi pass Amani/Marcus twice because they were too slow. Bill/Cathi finish 6th. Amani/Marcus finish last but it’s a non-elimination leg.

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