Big Brother UK S12E61 (Channel 5)

Everyone looks miserable. By breaking ranks, Aaron really messed up.

Lou comes to the diary room. She hasn’t slept. Lou says that she knew what she was doing.

He’s a good lad, but sometimes I feel like he’s got a funny way of showing it to ya.

Aaron hasn’t spoken all morning.

I don’t think either of you [has anything to worry about].
Tom showing how dim he is in the morning, talking to Faye and Lou, who are both nominated

Tom thinks that Aaron believes he did the noble thing, but Aaron is wrong. Lou comes to talk to Aaron. She also feels like shit.

Jay makes Lou a card. It’s cute.

Aaron walks by the HM in the living room ignoring them. He’s being a total wanker. Tom says that Jay wouldn’t do the to Lou, and Faye wouldn’t do that to Aaron.

Jay is the 2nd HM to speak with Aaron. They are in the sauna. Lou finds the card that Jay made for her. She asks BB to bring in a vicar, because she’s going to marry Jay.

Alex is updating BB about the house affairs. Alex says that Aaron said that he knowingly did what he did, and she thinks that it’s not nice.

Both Aaron and Faye are in the bedroom. They haven’t spoken since last night. He gives her a hug and a kiss. Then he leaves. She looks at him leaving. He comes to the diary room. He says he doesn’t regret what he did, but it’s made things awkward.

Tom is in the diary room commenting on Alex’s habits. Alex has a twitch. We see a few VTs of the HM. Jay likes saying disco. Tom says bab a lot, which is short for babe. Aaron walks around twitching his hands. Faye says awkward. Lou says that she isn’t shady.

For today’s task, HM will be playing egg roulette. The winning HM will get a roast chicken dinner. Any HM with egg on their face are still in the game. Aaron picks Jay. Faye picks Aaron. Both eggs are hardboiled. Jay picks Alex. She also passes. Lou picks Jay. Jay gets egg on his face. He’s out. Tom picks Aaron and tries to find a raw egg. Aaron is out. That was decisive. Faye finds it funny. Aaron isn’t laughing. Alex picks Lou and she’S still in but she hit her hard. Faye picks Alex. Alex passes again. Tom picks Faye. She’s out. Alex picks Tom. He’s out. So Lou and Alex win. That was strange. I expected her to pick Tom to go instead of Lou.

-Have you seen Jay’s ass?
[Alex nods]
-It’s dead nice, innit?
[Alex nods]
Lou and Alex enjoying roast chicken

At the dinner table, it’s quiet. No one is talking. Tom starts talking. He’s talking to Faye but making fun of Aaron.

Me dad farts like a trooper as well.

Both Aaron and Jay leave. Tom and Faye start talking about Aaron. They say that Aaron is a knob. Aaron tells Jay that Tom is trying to provoke an argument.

After dinner, Lou starts trumping.

Tom tells Faye that Aaron feels guilty and embarrassed about what he did. Aaron is in the diary room. Aaron says that he can’t relate to the HM.

Tom tells Alex that she’s so high maintenance because she wants to ask BB for a dress.

Faye, Aaron, and Jay are smoking. Jay is trying to break the ice.

You look like you’ve just been dug up mate.
Jay to Aaron

Jay forces the conversation. It’s admirable. Faye doesn’t say a word. Jay schedules some debates and discussions tomorrow with him. Faye tells Jay that she feels like she’s being punished. She says that she feels like she’s being insulted constantly. Jay says that he wouldn’t stand for it. Jay gives her a hug.

Alex and Tom are sharing a moment under stars in the garden. We can actually hear their heartbeats through the miss.

Aaron tries to talk to Faye. They have barely spoken in the last 24 hours. They are in separate beds. They are quite far apart. Faye says that she can’t go to sleep. Aaron joins her in bed. She lays it out. He says that he did what he believed was right. Faye says that there’s no point in talking about it because it’s winding her up.

* * * * *

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