Big Brother UK S12E62 (Channel 5)

There are 10 days left in the BBUK house. This morning, Aaron and Faye are back on. Tom isn’t speaking to Aaron. He’s being rude. Even when he’s being rude, Aaron brings him a cuppa. Tom doesn’t even budge. He says ta.

I’m worried about how much I worry now.

Faye says that her real name is Frances. Then she says it’s Anthia. Then she says it’s Chloe.

Jay is perplexed with Aaron and Faye’s relationship. Aaron says that he plans to romance Faye today.

Jay tells Faye that they have a strange relationship. Jay says that Aaron’s silent treatment seems to work because everyone runs after him.

Lou thinks that she saw a mouse. It’s Faye hiding behind the couches.

Jay and Aaron have their sauna chat. Jay mentions something about Stephen Hawking and the LHC. That’s it.

Tom is in the diary room talking about Aaron. He says that Aaron isn’t nice to him, but he isn’t nice to him either. Alex and Aaron are baking something. It doesn’t look too bad after it’s out of the over but it’s burned.

That just looks like I’ve took a shit on it.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s fucking horrible.

For today’s task, HM will re-enact the three romances in the BBUK house. They will win a love party. Aaron and Alex will become Jay and Louise. Faye and Jay will be Alex and Tom. Lou and Tom will be Faye and Aaron.

Aaron and Alex put on a musical. It’s OK. Jay and Faye decide to rap. Lou and Tom act out the drama of Aaron and Faye. It will end in tears. Aaron is already upset because they act out the Maisy incident. It doesn’t portray Aaron in a favorable light.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I spread Maisy now I’m gonna spread you.

Faye is trying to figure out why Aaron is upset. Aaron says that Tom went a bit too far. Then, they have an argument about what Faye is wearing. A few moments later, Aaron is talking with Faye. Faye says that she can’t do this anymore. She can’t be bothered with his moods. She’s upset that it keeps happening over and over again.

Jay is enjoying a workout. Jay and Lou are talking about the upcoming eviction.

HM get their love party. Aaron wants to dance. Faye kind of runs away. He has to corral her.

Alex and Tom are cozying up on the sofas. Then, Tom touches his willy. Alex finds it strange. His jeans are tight.

Lou and Jay have called it a night. They talk about sitting together.

Faye is alone and feeling creative in the big task room. Aaron joins her and they snog.

* * * * *

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