Big Brother UK S12E63 (Channel 5)

The house is filthy again. What else is new? The filthy HM have given up cleaning and they are living in squalor. Some UK TV personality comes to inspect the BBUK house. She’s disgusted. The HM are still asleep while she inspects.

The HM are awoken to some music. For some reason, Aaron is dancing like a D-bag.

For today’s shopping task, the HM are given gleaming white clothes. They have to stay clean in the dirty BBUK house. If their clothes are dirty, Kim will deduct money from the £300 luxury shopping budget that they’ve ‘won’.

Aaron and Faye are slow dancing in the garden. Inside, Tom says that in 30 minutes, it will fall apart. Jay agrees. Tom says that they are overdue an argument.

Alex is called to the diary room for the 1st part of the task. She has to deliver some virgin Bloody Mary to the HM. The HM have to drink it. As soon as she gets up, she spills the tray. She’s a total klutz. She has tomato juice all over herself. She gets another tray. There are some hurdles in the diary room corridor. She drops another drink. The hurdles are covered in paint.

While riding the rocking chairs, Tom and Aaron must feed themselves pea soup while trying to remain clean.

I think we were fairly equal. You were slow and steady and I was rough and ready.

Aaron gets a semi while riding the rocking chair. The HM find it hilarious. At some point, Aaron falls off and drops his soup.

-He’s a giver not a taker.
-Come on, give me a big load.

Aaron and Jay are talking about the task. Faye and Lou are talking about sex and getting it on with their boyfriends. They get under the covers and Lou must have mimed something to Faye. She can’t believe that Lou did that.

Tom decides to start cleaning. Jay has come to the diary room for the third part of the task. He has 1 minute to wrap himself in cling wrap to protect himself from a balloon filled with red paint that’s being inflated automatically. He got about 30 seconds. He has some paint on him.

BB has asked Faye and Lou to come to the diary room. They put on some protective goggles. They have to go into the small task room. In 60 seconds the room will be drenched in blue paint. They need to find a key to a large box to hide in. The key is hidden in a yoga mat. Will they find it? They fail. They decide to get into the paint sprays for fun.

Aaron and Alex come to the diary room for the final challenge. They have to go through the corridor that has some pieces of string that are covered in paint. They are successful. Once they get in the diary room, they are told that they have 30 seconds to get out. Aaron isn’t too bad, but Alex is covered in it.

I hope he gets fucking covered in dog shit.
Jay about Aaron

The HM are about to be judged. Tom, Jay, and Aaron pass. Alex, Lou, and Faye fail. Each fail incurs a £50 penalty. Kim gives them an extra £50 so the budget is at £200.

I think that these HM need to read more. All of the girls need to get more education. Lou speaks terribly. Her vocabulary and grammar are horrible. At least Alex done lots of things.

Aaron is explaining why he voted for Tom.

Faye and Alex are talking in the living room. Faye says that this is the happiest that she’s been in her life. That’s nice but sad thing to say. She says that she’s in a nice protective bubble.

Lou and Jay are in the bedroom.

* * * * *

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