Big Brother UK S12E64 (Channel 5)

Faye ate 4 eggs. Jay ate 6. Between them, they ate all of the eggs. Actually, Alex had 2. Aaron is peeved off.

Faye and Lou are in bed discussing love. Faye is wearing these hot pants, that show off her bum. The shots show her bum quite nicely. Lou says that she loves Jay. Faye says that she wants to tell Aaron outside that she loves him. Aaron walks in and Faye gives him a kiss and a cuddle.

It’s time for another Sauna Chat. They exchange a sentence about a whale program.

Aaron and Faye are in bed together. He tells her that he loves her. Then he says that she told him that in her sleep.

Jay thinks that Faye and Aaron are on happy pills. He is going to miss Lou if she leaves.

Alex and Tom are bickering about biscuits.

Aaron is talking to BB about the upcoming eviction. Jay and Lou are talking about the eviction as well. Faye, Lou and Alex are displaying their tongue action skills.

BB has called Jay and Tom to the diary room. BB has had enough of their swearing. They have to wash their mouths out with soap and water. They can’t swear for the next 2 hours. If they are successful, they will get beer. If they swear more than than 5 times between them, they’ll fail. Tom immediately swears upon his exit. Aaron says that they should just stay silent.

Aaron is called to the diary room. Aaron never swears. He says ‘Oh dear’. Aaron has to make Jay and Tom fail their task. It’s a secret mission for Alex, Faye and Lou as well. They are pretty good. Aaron tries to get on Tom’s bad side. Aaron is quite successful. They swear a total of 7 times.

Tom and Jay are annoyed with Aaron. Aaron said that he didn’t care about who was up because he’s in the final. He told this to Jay, and he’s got trouble dealing with that.

BB calls Tom and Jay to the diary room. They failed the task. They must drink their beer out of a potty for the whole night. They must drink everything out of the potty, not just beer. They are surprised about the result of the task.

Faye and Aaron are in the diary room. Jay and Lou are heating up the pool. Later in bed, Faye tells Aaron that she loves him.

Eviction Interview

During the live broadcast, Faye gets a lot of boos. The crowd chants ‘get Faye out’.

Brian talks with the BBUK house. Faye gets boos and the same chant. Lou gets cheers. Faye is evicted.

Lou is cracking up in the diary room. She is hysterically laughing.

Faye gets out.

I feel like I lost an arm.

Aaron feels numb. Faye says that she is in love with Aaron. She believes that he is in love with her.

Brian says that the £100K has been removed from the BBUK house. The prize money has been divided into half. The winner will receive £50K. The other four have to split £50K between themselves.

Brian says that the HM don’t know, but the money has already been split. There is £30K, £15K, £4K, £990 and a tenner.

* * * * *

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