Big Brother UK S12E65 (Channel 5)

It’s eviction day and Faye will get evicted tonight. Overnight, BB has removed the prize money from the wall. Aaron is the first to notice. He tells the HM.

Aaron comes for a chat with BB. BB says that all will be revealed shortly. He tells the HM. Jay opens up the wall and takes out the briefcase easily enough. The HM are talking about what would happen if they are offered the money upon their exit.

Now Faye tells Aaron that she can’t stay until tonight.

It hits Jay that Lou might be leaving tonight.

She trips over her own shadow.
Jay about Alex

I’m just a clumsy bastard.

Aaron is getting a cut from Jay. The girls are talking about sex. They are talking about getting sperm on their faces.

Faye is having a cry in his bed. Faye and Lou are ready to leave.

It’s eviction time and Faye leaves.

I love her bum. I would swap my ass for hers any day.

The HM are told about the money split. The winner will get 50K£. The others have to split the rest. BB will get back to them later. It’s not going to be split evenly. They don’t know that one HM will get £30K, one will get £15K, one will get £4K, one will get £990 and one will get a tenner.

The HM are talking about the prize money. Actually one HM will get the boot on Thursday’s live show.

Aaron is having a cry while smoking. Jay and Lou are in the diary room gushing.

* * * * *

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