My Daily Tweets 11.05.11

  • Darth Vader in His Underwear with His Evil Superhero Grandpa, Say What? 7 minutes ago
  • Karuma PlayBase: Tablet for Toddlers? 8 minutes ago
  • Do I care the RIM, Sony, and other companies are turning in losses this year. No, I don’t give a fuck. 23 hours ago
  • Super common in Asia, and I have never seen one in North America. My comments are usually short. 23 hours ago
  • That way I don’t rush on Fridays. Communication books are books that need to be filled out once a week and sent to the parents. 23 hours ago
  • I usually do all of my communication books work on Wednesdays. They are due on Fridays, but I like to do them in advance. 23 hours ago
  • I haven’t crated Spike, even though I talked about it. It was too hot this week, and the AC is off, so he needs the tiles to cool down. 23 hours ago
  • Yesterday was scary @ the park. A lot of the Border Collies got into fights. Thankfully I had a secure hold on Spike. He didn’t get involved 23 hours ago
  • He’s farting on me. Lying underneath the table and letting them drop. 23 hours ago
  • Almost there. Then it’s time to walk Spike. 23 hours ago
  • My goal on weekends is to get up early enough so that I can finish working by 12. 23 hours ago
  • People don’t choose scooters over cars. Scooters are way cheaper, cost less to maintain, get better gas milage and more convenient. 23 hours ago
  • Rollentausch » Sechs Mädchen in Jungsklamotten » Style » AMY&PINK… via @amyandpink 5 Nov
  • I wasn’t near her, just nearby. I make quite strong coffee. 5 Nov
  • Yesterday, when I opened my Klean Kanteen 20oz filled up with arabica coffee, my Taiwanese co-worker said it smelled really good. 5 Nov
  • From time to time, when I don’t have the time, i buy store-made coffee, but most of the time, I make my own. 5 Nov
  • Saving Money: How Much You’ll Actually Save by Making Your Own Coffee – @Lifehacker… 5 Nov
  • 1 of every 3 college students & employees surveyed believes the Internet is a fundamental resource for the human race 4 Nov
  • When I was younger everybody thought I was older and now that I am older everybody thinks I’m younger. 5 Nov
  • “Letter from Dublin” in @nplusonemag on life in Ireland following the collapse of the Celtic Tiger: 5 Nov
  • Spike at his food this morning, a combo of kibble with some wet food. 5 Nov
  • My Daily Tweets 11.04.11 5 Nov

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