Survivor South Pacific Double Agent S23E08 (CBS)

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Ozzy’s stupid plan works well, since he gets to Redemption and promptly eliminates Christine. Then, he rejoins the merged tribe and Cochran hands back the immunity idol. However, no one believed his idiotic pantomime. Everybody knew that his tribe had evicted him to take care of Christine. The Upolus remained locked together. The next plan involved sending Cochran over as a flip vote to join the Upolus in order to spy for the Savaiis. It worked better than expected, since Cochran spills the beans in a couple of minutes and decides to join them instead of his old tribe. He shares his concerns and plans with Dawn, who likes it initially, but then no longer supports it.

During tribal, the vote is deadlocked. Keith and Rick are nominated. During the second vote, Cochran takes out Keith. However grandiose he believes his move was, it isn’t since he immediately blurts out how he will explain it back at camp to the Savaiis. From the previews, it now looks like the old Savaii despises Cochran and his antics. His move further ostracized him from the tribes but it looks like of all people, Brandon takes him under his wing.

* * * * *

Cochran is pretty happy that Ozzy went to Redemption Island. The rest of the tribe mates don’t think much of him. They also want to send in Cochran as a double agent. He is going to spy on Upolu after the merge.

At Redemption, Ozzy tells Christine that Cochran got the idol and voted him out. He says that they all voted for Cochran and he pulled out the idol, so only his vote for Ozzy counted. It’s somewhat plausible.

It’s the stupidest move I could of done or the craziest, ballsiest move.

It’s time for the Duel. All of the tribes are here. So it’s merging time. Ozzy is a bit too loud and makes too much of a deal about being evicted. Coach doesn’t believe him.

They will use sticks and rope to make a long pole. The pole will be used to retrieve 3 keys. The keys will open a lock. The winner is the one who will go through the door. They adopt 2 different strategies. Christine’s is a bit flimsier and it doesn’t hold up. Ozzy gets his first key but he drops it. He gets it. Christine is making repairs. Ozzy gets the 2nd key. Ozzy has his last key. Christine has none. Ozzy has one lock undone. He’s gotten his second lock undone. Ozzy is through. Ozzy wins the duel. He’s back in the game. Christine is evicted.

The tribes are merged. On the way back, they get a feast. Immediately, Coach talks with Cochran. Coach tells him that he doesn’t believe their story. He even knows that Cochran has got an idol in his pocket. They sent Ozzy to Redemption. It was a gamble, but it was risky. It’s pretty impressive how much Coach has deduced. He tells him that his tribe will vote in one block.

A bit later, Cochran spills the beans. He tells all to Upolu. So now Cochran is a triple agent.

Cochran returns the idol to Ozzy. If Cochran jumps ship, they can pick off the old Savaii one by one.

Cochran tells Dawn that he will vote for Savaii on the first round, but he’ll switch if it’s a tie. Dawn is with him. She saw him being roughly treated by the tribe mates. They get tree mail and Dawn has a cry. She feels like she should have stood up for him before.

It’s time for the first individual immunity. There are 2 necklaces up for grabs. It will be one man and one woman. They will balance on a small perch while balancing a coconut on ropes. At regular increments, they will add more rope, making the balancing act more precarious. Edna and Cochran are out after a few seconds. The others make it into the second round. Whitney is out right away. Sophie is out. Dawn wins immunity.

Coach is out. Rick is out after struggling. Keith and Jim are out. Wow, didn’t expect that. They extend the rope again. Brandon is out. Ozzy wins immunity.

The new tribe is Te Tuna. The old Savaii want to vote for Rick or Sophie. Jim wants to vote for Rick. They double-check that Cochran will vote their way. They decide that they need to play the idol. Whitney will play it. Jim thinks that Upolu will vote for Whitney.

Cochran tells Sophie that the old Savaii will vote for Rick and Whitney will get the idol. Sophie says that she can’t tell him who they are voting for.

Cochran tells Dawn that his preliminary plan is to flip on the second vote. Dawn is now unwilling to flip her vote, at least for now because Savaii has got the two immunity necklaces. She tells him that it’s not right to flip. Cochran isn’t sure what he’ll do.

It’s time for tribal. Albert says that they didn’t believe Ozzy’s spiel. Sophie says that the charade was over the top and pathetic. Ozzy says that they do have the idol.

I don’t do odds. I do Survivor.

After the first vote is cast, Ozzy plays the idol for Whitney. Since Cochran told Upolu what was happening, they didn’t vote for Whitney.

Votes to Evict

Albert Keith
Brandon Keith
Coach Keith
Edna Keith
Rick Keith
Sophie Keith

Cochran Rick

Ozzy Rick
Dawn Rick
Jim Rick
Keith Rick
Whitney Rick

They can only vote for Keith or Rick. Rick and Keith won’t vote.

Second Round of Votes to Evict

Albert Keith
Brandon Keith
Coach Keith
Edna Keith
Sophie Keith

Cochran Keith

Ozzy Rick
Dawn Rick
Jim Rick
Whitney Rick

Keith is voted out by a 5-4 vote. He goes to Redemption.

Cochran turns aJim calls Cochran a coward. Brandon tells him not to talk to Cochran that way. That’s what they get for talking to people like that. Brandon tells Cochran to stay close to him.

From the previews, the fallout for Cochran looks pretty bad. We see Jim and Whitney telling him off. Jim never wants to speak to him again. Whitney says that he threw the whole tribe under the bus.

What matters now is that Upolu has got the numbers, but once again, there is some discord. Albert is running some numbers apparently, but ultimately that would be stupid. Upolu should just vote along tribal lines and get rid of Savaii.

* * * * *

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46 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific Double Agent S23E08 (CBS)”

  1. I think it’s hilarious that Cochran’s entire tribe was going to throw him under the bus and none of them thought of it as cowardly. In fact, they’d tried to convince Cochran that it would, basically, make a man out of him or something like that. Talked about getting redeemed like it was some kind of religious experience.

    Then lil’ ol’ Ozzy had a big ol’ dream and Cochran was saved from facing his own redemption.

    Doesn’t feel so great now that they are the ones who will be testing that redemption theory. And Ozzy is a big target now that he gave away the Immunity Idol. They still go to Redemption Island, correct? If so, maybe Cochran can give them all that uplifting speech as they go, one by one, to redeem themselves.

    1. What Cochran did definitely irked them the wrong way but he’s playing his game and looking out for himself. Even Dawn saw this at one point, before reconsidering. He just got tired of being the odd man out. At least if he joins with the Upolus, he’s safe until the Savaiis are gone.

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