Terra Nova Bylaw S01E05 (Fox)

Terra Nova billboard via Fox

It took some time, but I’m glad that we managed to see Terra Nova. The pilot had been delayed for a while, ever since last May. I didn’t expect much, since I don’t really keep apprised of the latest TV news, but I was happily surprised with the pilot. The setting is quite interesting. While the future 2149 setting isn’t really that important, it set the mood nicely. It was a sort of Big Brother-like future, where people weren’t allowed to have many children and the Earth was becoming non-sustainable for human life. The time fracture, opening 85 million years into the past, allows different pilgrimages to settle in healthy biosphere, but populated by dinosaurs. I like the fact that this isn’t the same timeline as before. They entered another worldine, which is the only way that this could make sense.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This wasn’t a bad episode, although I wanted some more, it made sense to explore the way that the colony applies laws. Still, hopefully they’ll have a few more exciting episodes in the next few weeks.

* * * * *

A patrol visits a communications bunker. He gets killed by a dino. At the rate that these guys are dying, it’s a wonder that anyone is left alive.

Shannon, Taylor and Malcolm are on the scene. The men were killed by raptors. Jim thinks that there is something funny. Malcolm brings back an Ankylosaurus egg. It’s been damaged. Jim asks Liz to autopsy the dead soldier. She finds something on him, a second type of blood from the Nyko’s favorite food, a Gallosaur. Jim thinks that the soldier was murdered. The Nyko was lured into the shed. Taylor puts Wash on it with Jim.

Josh is asked to do something in order to get Skye Kara. He asks Skye for help. He has to meet Mira outside the gates. Jim and Wash turn up at the bar. Foster was seeing a woman, but he was discreet about it. They say that Foster was always looking at something in his bunk on his tag. All of them hack their tags to hold photos of loved ones or music.

The egg reacts to Zoe’s presence. The Anky is still alive. Foster’s tag wasn’t recovered in his personal effects. They find that his tag is on the move. The Nyko ate it. They chase it down. They extract the tag from its belly. The tag has a holographic projector. They see the girl. Wash recognizes her.

They question her. Her husband knows that she sleeps around. She married in order to get out of 2149. The husband Milner says that he killed Foster.

This is the first murder in Terra Nova. The punishment is banishment, unless Taylor decides to commute it life in prison. They bury the soldier.

Liz makes Jim think that this was a false confession. Milner gets banishment. Milner gets some supplies and a gun. He’s told never to come back to Terra Nova. Jim notices that his wife Rebecca is feeling really guilty. Guilty of murder?

Jim goes to talk with Milner. Milner comes back to Terra Nova to confront his wife. He knows that she left Foster a few weeks back. He confessed to protect her. He thought that she killed him. Rebecca says that Foster was always gambling over at the bar. Maybe that got him killed.

Shannon reports to Taylor, who isn’t happy. He needs evidence in order to prove that Milner didn’t do it, otherwise he’ll send him back out.

They check out Foster’s financials. It leads them to the bar. They arrest the owner. He talks about the gambling. While they search the bar, Boyland does a runner. He had help.

They staged this in order to trap a gambling soldier who owned Foster a lot of money. The soldier tries to shoot them. They didn’t give him a loaded gun. Taylor beats him up a bit. He had the ledger on him. They banish him with no supplies and no gun. He’ll probably join the Sixers.

Josh and Sky go to meet Mira OTG. Boyland gives them a map. Mira says that she can talk with 2149. She says that in exchange, he’s got to do a favor for her in the future. He’ll have to comply without hesitation.

Zoe and Liz went to watch the Anky hatch. Liz performed in-ovo surgery on him to repair the defects. He hatches safely.

* * * * *

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